3 Simple Wellness Changes to Make Today To Feel Great

Wellness Changes To Improve Your Health


With so many fad diets and crazy exercise classes being bandied about it’s no wonder making healthy lifestyle changes can seem so overwhelming. We believe that carving a way to a new, healthy life is all in the simple details that are sustainable in the long run. So here are our super simple steps that you can take for a healthier and happier you, long-term.


Fridge Renovation


If you feel that your diet leaves a little to be desired, a really good place to start is by giving your fridge a really thorough makeover. Going through and looking at the common culprits for naughty snacking and calorie laden foods is a great way to see where you are perhaps going wrong in your diet.


3 Simple Wellness Changes to Make Today


Getting rid of the naughty foods and filling the space with fresh fruit and veg and healthy snacks is the best place to start with any feel good crusade. A top tip for keeping your fridge healthy and lean is to make sure that you never go shopping on an empty stomach. Shopping with rumbling tummies will automatically have you lunging for the chocolate aisle. So make sure you schedule your shopping trips just after you’ve eaten so that you can make better decisions.


Stop Smoking


There really has never been a better, or more important time to embrace wellness changes and stop smoking. As the grim results of smoking become more and more documented and clear to see, so does all the help that is now available to help smokers knock the habit on the head, once and for all. National healthcare organizations now offer multiple different ways of stopping smoking these days from hypnotherapy to crave busting gum and patches.


wellness changes


‘Vaping’ is also proving to be a really successful way of helping smokers quit the habit. With all the weird and wonderful vape flavors like e liquid  they offer a really tasty way for smokers to stub out the ciggies once and for all. Many people who have given up smoking have found that it has inspired them to improve many other areas of their life, as they feel they have control of themselves and their health again. So there really has never been such a great time to put your smoking years behind you and embrace a healthier, happier you.



Add in the Steps


Walking is one of the best forms of exercise we can do. Low impact, calorie burning and gloriously free, it is one of the easiest ways we can burn a few extra calories and feel much more energetic. Walking doesn’t have to be about mountain treks every week, it can just be about finding simple ways of integrating extra steps into normal, day to day life.


So getting off the bus a few stops early (or not getting the bus, and walking the whole way- even better!), or walking around your office or outside for ten minutes, twice a day in your break time. Think about the ways you can introduce those all important extra steps in your daily routine, without you barely even noticing the extra exercise.

What wellness changes have helped you?


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