Make Fitness Fun Again! Adventurous Exercise Options

exercise options

Adventurous Exercise Options That Rock


Sometimes exercise can be really boring. It’s just going through the same motions while being hold up in a small sweaty box, with a load of strangers. Urgh! But something that might liven up your exercise routine is moving things outside. So why not ditch the indoor activities for outdoor adventures and read on for some exercise options of what to do when you hear the call of the wild.




Obviously, as soon as outdoor exercise is mentioned folks mind turn immediately to running, and while it is not the only option to consider here, it is definitely one that can work really well for a lot of people.


exercise options


That is partly because you need a minimum of equipment to get started. Some workout clothes and a pair of decent shoes is enough to get you on the right track. Although if you are hoping to make it into your main form of exercise, it’s is worth exploring the footwear options available and looking up the best running shoes for men or women before you buy.   


This is because there is a lot of different factors that go into choosing the right pair of shoes for your running practice such as the surface you will be training on like grass or tarmac, as well as the shape of your foot and you actual gait. Which is the way that you move your body when you run.


Outdoor running can be pretty adventurous because It’s also pretty easy to come with your own courses by using apps like Map My Run. You also get to challenge yourself by enrolling in activities like paint runs, and marathons throughout the year. Where you get to meet new people and run new exciting courses.




Now, we have all seen those Instagram photos of advanced yogis, bending into crazy positions in front of beautiful backdrops such as beaches, forests or lakes. Kind of gives you ideas about taking your own practice outside doesn’t it?


But taking your yoga practice outside can be an adventure itself. As you will need your mat, and you will also need to consider your location carefully. It will need to be somewhere that is restful, and quiet and has some level of privacy. So your front garden, next to a busy road probably isn’t the best spot, but your back garden may be.


exercise options


Of course for the truly adventurous, you’ll probably want to go someone inaccessible and spectacular. Just makes sure that the spot you choose is safe as well as exciting.

Of course, like doing any physical activity outside it is important that you account for the differences that you may come across. For example practicing yoga outside you may find it harder to balance because of the wind so it can be a good idea to use chalk to help steady your grip.


You are also open to elements a bit more. So make sure that you use sunscreen. After all, you’ll probably be there for an hour or so. Also take a jumper in case you get too cold, as it can affect your flexibility.




One of the most exciting things about exercising outdoors is that it can be much more of a wild adventure that a repetitive routine. Swimming, in particular, can offer this. Especially if you partake in what is know as Wild Swimming.


This is not just swimming outdoors but swimming in places that are not necessarily designed for that purpose like the sea, rivers, and lakes.


Of course, there is a huge safety element to this type of swimming that you must be aware of. Not only do you need to be careful of currents and other water hazards but you also need to be sure about the cleanliness of the water that you are swimming in. As you can get some pretty nasty diseases from poor water quality. You can get some more information about the attractions and perils of this activity here.


Remember that makes wild swimming, not for the faint hearted. In fact, you could call it the extreme version of swimming. So be preferred for a wild ride and make sure you have considered all of the safety options before you try this activity out.





Another pretty adventurous, exercise option suggestion is climbing. Climbing is a fantastic workout for the whole body. It requires upper and lower body strength as well as getting your heart rate right up.


However climbing is a skill, and that means you do need to approach it with caution. Beginners should practice on pre-made climbing walls before they process to open rocks faces.


Or if even that seems a bit much, right at this moment, why not have a go at bouldering instead? This is an exercise option practiced on apparatus, which is like a climbing wall, but it’s only a meter or so high. This allows novice climbers to practice finding hand and foot hold by moving horizontally around the wall. Without the risk or stress of being up too high until you have mastered the technique.


Make Fitness Fun Again! Adventurous Exercise Options


Like many other activities climbing is a great hobby as well as an exercise regime because you can devote so much time to doing it and keep getting better as you go. You may start bouldering or climbing at a local wall, and then find yourself a few years later having the adventure of a lifetime, scaling the face of a cliff in Eagle Bluff or Mt. Rushmore.




Surfing, it’s not just for beach bums, you know, In fact, it’s an adventurous, aquatic activity that offers a pretty great workout. Encouraging excellent core strength and as well as balance and quick reflexes.


Obviously, you will need to be near a body of water to practice this exercise. But if you are land locked you can always try the windsurfing variety on a local lake.


It’s neither the cheapest or most expensive for the sport to get into, as when you are first starting, you can rent the kits such as a board and wetsuit. Although you may want to pay for some lessons to get you up and going. Just remember that if it doesn’t work the first time, try and try again!



Horse Riding



Of course, horse riding is another famous outdoor activity that is great for exercise. It’s less about burning off calories and more about balance, poise, and muscle strength. As you need all three to stay on your steeds backs while they are walking, cantering, galloping and jumping.

True adventurers will enjoy rides known as hacking out. As this is when you ride your horse out into the countryside. As you get better, you will get the chance to allow them to canter and get up some speed, and even jump some organic obstacles like fallen trees and streams. Unfortunately, a lot of folks are put off of horse riding because of the high costs involved in comparison to a lot of the other alfresco activities that are on offer.


Even if you don’t go the whole hog and decide to buy your own mount, you still have the boots, helmet, crop, and jodhpurs to pay for. As well as the hourly lesson which can run up to anything around $20. As this is comparable to car driving lesson, it tends to make it hard for people to be able to justify the cost.




However, there are some cheaper outdoor exercise options that you can have a go at, like hiking for example. This may just be the cheapest form of all because apart from a sensible pair of shoes and water bottle you are pretty much set.


The good thing is that hiking is often done in our national parks, that are host to stunning vistas and scenery but are free to use. That means not only do you get a great workout, but you also get to spend your time in the adventuring in the great outdoors of America and exploring what this fine country has to offer.


exercise options


Another advantage of hiking was that you can easily keep you your exercise routine if you are out of town, or on holiday. As well as it always giving you the perfect excuse to explore the national parks in the area that you are in at that time.




Lastly, a super easy form of all the adventurous exercise options that will get all of the family outdoor is cycling. It may take the form of a leisurely ride in the country to discover a new location? Or the more advanced rider might prefer time trials on racing bikes, or perhaps hurtling down hillsides on mountain bikes would appeal for to the truly adventurous at heart.

Either way, it’s a wonderful way of breathing in that clean air, getting out and about and exercising all at the same time.

Look out for bike rentals in big cities and mountain bike spots, if you don’t have your own. As this can be a very cost-effective method of getting into this sport at the beginning.

This is the perfect time to look for adventurous exercise options to step up your fitness game. I hope these suggestions inspire you



  1. Now that’s it finally getting warm where I live I should really mix it up a bit. I think I’ll try hiking and climbing. I used to horse ride when I was younger, I might go for some lessons before getting back on a horse again 🙂

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