Beginners Yoga: A Guide To Get You Started


A Learn Yoga Guide For Beginners


The popularity of yoga has skyrocketed in the past few decades. We can’t say that we’re really all too surprised. It is a form of exercise that increases your flexibility, improves your balance and stretches out areas of your body that you might not have even noticed were tense before taking up yoga. Beginners yoga also promotes a general sense of wellbeing.


Beginners yoga poses are calm and relaxing, it allows you time to focus on your breathing, taking in calming and refreshing deep breaths and feeling at ease in your body and within your environment. Maintaining stances gives you time to reflect on feelings of relaxation and peacefulness.


What’s more? Beginners yoga can be carried out almost anywhere by nearly anyone. All you need is your body and enough space to maneuver into set positions. There are classes in most locations if you want a professional to help you optimize your positions and stances.



Alternatively, if you are interested in practicing beginners yoga poses at home, you can use video tutorials and mobile apps to get a sense of what you should be doing. Some of the best and most impressive yogis are independently and home trained! It is easy on joints and muscles and an easy form of workout for even the weakest or unhealthy people. What’s not to love?! So, if this all sounds good to you, it may be time to start reveling in the benefits of yoga practice.


Beginners Yoga: A History Lesson



Gentle Yoga was first developed in India around 5000 years ago. It’s specific roots are a source of speculation, as it was originally passed on and developed through oral tradition from one generation to another. It is closely tied to sacred beliefs from Yogic scriptures; the most renowned text is the Bhagavad-Gîtâ. Classical yoga follows a path to ultimate enlightenment. This developed into Post-classical yoga, which was a system of practices more focused on rejuvenating the body and prolonging life.


Basic Practice


When you start practicing yoga, you should allow yourself fifteen minutes to complete a stretch routine to loosen your limbs. Then half an hour to forty-five minutes for sun salutations: the most commonly carried out yoga routine. You might like to attend a few beginner yoga classes at least to get to grips with the basics before continuing with daily practice at home.


However, if you are set on teaching yourself from the start, there are endless tutorials online depicting how to do basic stances, such as downward dog, mountain pose, warrior, tree pose and bridge pose. Take things slow, to begin with and never attempt complex and advanced poses before you are ready.




The practice of yoga is closely linked with spirituality. Though it isn’t necessary that you believe in the spiritual elements of yoga practice to engage in it as a form of exercise, it is worth being aware of them. It is thought that the human body has seven major chakras: the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third-eye and crown chakras.

Each chakra represents a center of spiritual power in your body and can be engaged with to solve individual issues or promote individual well-being. For more information, check out 7 chakras for beginners from This will give a much more detailed insight into the history and role of chakras within yoga.


Essentials to Invest In


You don’t need anything other than your body and a little knowledge or wisdom to practice beginners yoga. But there are certain investments that you can make to create a more pleasurable and smooth experience. Find a soft mat to practice on. This will be much more comfortable than the bare floor and will reduce your risk of experience friction or burns from your skin making contact with the hard ground.


You should also invest in some loose, comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. Leggings and vest tops or sports bras are amongst the most popular options worn by yoga practitioners. You will likely be best to go barefoot, so ditch your trainers and let your feet root you to the ground.



The Yoga Community


There’s a huge yoga community out there, so engage with like-minded individuals. You will be able to offer each other help, advice, tips, and tricks to do with all things yoga. Check out the yoga hashtag on Instagram for endless inspiration and images of people’s improvement.


Beginners Yoga Guide: How to get started

Instagram yoga fanatics often set each other extended yoga challenges too, which will encourage you to keep up with your practice. Like yoga pages on Facebook too, to keep up to date with news and events available and coming up in your local area.

I hope this encourages you to embark on beginners yoga. Namaste!

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