Body Image Issues? Self Confidence Tips That Work

body imageHow To Improve Body Image


Many of us have body image issues, this is why there are so many millionaire cosmetic surgeons! We care about our looks and will even go under the knife to change the shape of our noses or inject chemicals into our lips to give us a fuller smile! There are, however, some far easier ways of making the most out of your looks and getting more confidence at the same time.

body image


Let’s start with one of the most important parts of your face and an area that so many people say they are unhappy with, your teeth! Teeth go through a lot of stick, especially if we are guilty of not looking after them properly. If you want to improve your relationship with your smile, then you need to improve your relationship with your dentist.


Teeth whitening can give you smile confidence, but if your issue lies with wonky teeth, then it’s never too late to consider braces. There are many different types now, including invisible braces, which could offer you a solution to something that has upset you for years. It is incredible how much confidence in your smile can improve your looks. So, get focused on your tusks!



Skin is another area that people say they hate. Either the quality of their skin, perhaps they suffer breakouts or have acne scars, aging process has taken its toll. For some people there are chemical peels or face lifts and botox which will be their answer to a younger looking face.

However, there are less drastic routes which you can take. Using a product such as Bio Oil can help repair any scarring left by childhood acne. You might also try coconut oil too. Scar tissue can be dramatically reduced by making a few changes to the diet.


You need to eat plenty of omega three fatty acids which will help stimulate cell regeneration; this can improve the quality of your skin. If your concern is aging, then look to nature’s Botox to give you a little lift. Bee Venom is a natural toxin which will cause your skin to react in a similar way to Botox, potentially knocking off a few years! Combine this with a good sleep routine and plenty of water; you’ll be confident and proud of your looks in no time.

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Finally, your hair will give you that confident swagger to get rid of body image issues. We don’t just mean the hair on top of your head; your eyebrows are important too. Head out to get them shaped and tinted to ensure you have the perfect frame to your beautiful eyes. Hair that is full of volume and looks healthy can make us appear much younger.


If it is flat and greasy, then we won’t look vibrant in ourselves. Don’t wash your hair daily, this is terrible for it, instead use dry shampoo between washes to keep it looking and smelling great! You could even consider using clip in hair extensions if age is making your hair thin out a little.


Don’t go to extremes to improve body image, start with less dramatic ideas and make small changes. You’ll be stepping out with confidence in no time.


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