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The Blog hook- Up

So I have been wanting to host a link up for a while but there is so much work involved, so recently another blogger hosted something similar where you could just drop a link to your blog and I thought this is really cool I can do this. As you may know, I am pretty busy with two blogs myself and a Facebook Group Crazy4bloggingΒ and a Pinterest board.

These days it’s hard to find time to seek out new blogs as much as I would like so I thought why don’t I bring them to me! Now some link ups have rules and I’m not doing all that. No badges either. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, we are all part of this fabulous blogosphere.

The Rules

All you need to do is briefly introduce yourself in the comments and tell everybody what your blog is about and then put your link in. It would be super cool if you would click to tweet so we can get the word out or share anywhere of your choosing. Use the hashtag anytime you want to #thebloghookup
Tweet: I linked up with @wellnesswriter at The Blog Hookuphttps://www.livegoodly.com/come-join-the-blog-hookup/#thebloghookup

Tell us about your blog and leave a link. Don’t forget to connect with others and spread the love!

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Fabiola Rodriguez

Hi everybody! My name is Fabiola, I live in Mexico, and I have a blog where I share the ups and downs of my health and fitness journey, as well as all the doable tips and tricks that helped lose 50 lbs after my last pregnancy. Looking forward to meeting some new bloggers!


hey there! I’m Lau and my blog is http://www.malibluemymind.com – I usually write about my trips around Europe and fashion but sometimes I also write about life lessons or random posts related to friends, family, experiences…and some books I read! Looking forward to discover new bloggers πŸ™‚


Hi there, I’m Kitty and my blog is WatchMeBlather, it’s basically a mash up of things I love from travel, food, lifestyle, reviews, fitness, books and everything in between =^.^= I look forward to finding some new bloggers and blog πŸ™‚


Linda @ Brooklyn Bread

Hi my name is Linda and my blog is Brooklyn Bread. I write about strategies for saving money and finding sanity in a stressful, expensive world. life, money, kids, sanity. http://www.bklynbread.com/


Hi everyone, I am Sienny, a self taught doodle artist in Malaysia. I started my art blogging to share my handrawn art passion. Then, started received media invitations for events to blogging. Welcome to read my art blogging, http://www.siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com


Hello everybody , my name is Klaudia . I write about Life & Style @ http://www.klaudiascorner.net. You will find some great Home & Interior Design Ideas ; helpful Life Hacks ; Health and Wellness advices ; a bit about Beauty ( especially for us ‘vintage youngsters’ ) and lots more about the thing called Life with a focus on creating Happiness and a positive attitude towards daily life ? Shouting out a hefty hearty ‘thank you’ to Heidi for giving us the opportunity to meet new interesting people here ?

JoyceAnna D'Alessandro

Hello, I’m JoyceAnna. My blog is Dolcezza which means sweetness in Italian πŸ™‚

I write about Jamberry nails, adventures with my children, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Jay Colby

Hello I’m Jay I write about life, inspiration and thought-provoking topics you can find me at https://jaycolby.com/

Angela Philemon

is there any article in which you have ranked different blogs?


Hi there, my name is Pat and my blog is more or less my creative outlet and shows my path to a greener and healthier life. I love making things from scratch but keeping it simple. I also hate trowing things away and adding to the piles of garbage. So if possible I try to repair or come up with other uses. In my blog you find both recipes and DIY projects for re-/up-cycling. https://creativespiderbite.blogspot.com . Thanks for letting me share, Heidi!

Marvina Stedge

Hi everyone. My name is marvina. I started a self-reflection, self-awareness journey in January 2016, and my blog is a reflection of things that I have done and am still doing or learning about myself. It’s a health, wellness, healthy living, learning how to live and create a life that you are happy with type of blog. You will find different exercises I’ve done, different things that I’ve tried and come to love and more.

Breeze Leonard

Hi all, I am a Family Travel/Parenting Blogger from Texas. I love writing about our fun adventures and everyday life as a SAHM of 3 little girls. http://www.littlefeetbigadventures.com/

Ron Stempkowski

Hi, I’m Ron. I write about love, loss, healing and humor. My blog at http://ronstempkowski.com chronicles the story of my husband’s cancer diagnosis in 2010, his death in 2011 and my life since then.

Angela Houston

I blog at http://www.thesweetlemons.com. I post about mom-life and tot-school.


I started my blog accidental to help a friend and ended up enjoying blogging!! My blog is about exploring and creating a life you/me/us want. Posts are about my thoughts in pushing my boundaries, self-help and odds and ends I’m interested in. Thanks for the opportunity to share!

Blair Villanueva

Hi Ladies, I’m Blair Villanueva – a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Manila, Philippines. My blog focuses on women’s lifestyle and also covers travel, shopping tips, hacks and even relationship advice πŸ™‚

Stella Mwangi

Hello fellow bloggers! My name is Stella, a Freelance Digital Copywriter and Virtual Assistant based in Nairobi, Kenya. Stop by my blog for invaluable tips on Web Content Writing, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. http://astellamoment.com


It sounds like a great group. It’s always so lovely to get to know all these other blogs.
I blog about movies, series and fan conventions. http://Www.conmose.com

Scribbling Geek

Hi everybody. I’m Ced and I’m from Singapore. My blog features short stories, essays and movie reviews. Do stop by for a read. Thanks! http://www.scribblinggeek.com

Clearissa Coward


My name is Clearissa and I am a lifestyle blogger with an emphasis on organization, DIYing, upcycling and crafts. I also write about life in general on occasion. I live in the Raleigh, NC area and look forward to connecting here. Do stop by the Command Center at https://www.clearissacoward.com

Stacey Loring

Hi I’m Stacey and I’m the sarcastic, politically incorrect, foul mouthed creator of http://staceyloringblog.com. I like to consider myself an anecdotal lifestyle blogger. I write about things people want to say but are too afraid to. I also have a weekly post of snarky memes to give your Sundays a little CPR. I’d love for you to stop by and say hi. Warning..I’m not your typical 52 year old grandma.


Hey y’all! I’m a Kentucky girl blogging about faith, my french country house /decor and my crazy life with my pup, Ellie. You can find me at http://www.ellieandelizabeth.com. Can’t wait to visit your blogs!


This is a fab idea! My name is Rach and I run a site called ourrachblogs – I cover a whole range of topics from reviews, through to Top 10’s, celeb and entertainment and mental health. I’m also on twitter if you’d like to follow too http://www.twitter.com/ourrachblogs
Hope to see you there and will check your blogs out too!

Lynn Winters @Suburban Health Nut

Hi everyone!!! I’m Lynn. I blog over at Suburban Health Nut. My blog is a health and wellness blog. I believe good health is essential for a good life and want to help others find good health. You can find me at: https://suburban-health-nut.blogspot.com/