The Dangers of Extreme Slimming: Why Weight Loss Is A Waiting Game

extreme slimming

The Truth About Extreme Simming

Want to get slim fast? You’ll find lots of methods out there on the web that claim to have you with a flat stomach in a matter of weeks (whilst some methods such as surgery can do it instantly). Whilst a lot of these methods do work, they come with altercations. Putting your body through such an extreme change in such a short time period can have risks. Here are just a few extreme slimming methods and how to stay safe if you choose to pursue them.



Diet Pills


There are many pills out there that have been FDA approved and have been proven to cut the fat. These pills aren’t addictive and can be ideal for people that overeat, eliminating the hunger pangs of other slimming methods and giving you energy while you diet.


However, diet pills can have certain unpleasant side effects such as excessive gas, sleep problems, oily spotting and high blood pressure. In some cases, they’ve even caused people to have heart problems and seizures. The symptoms can be a real concern and yet many people ignore them.


Diet pills work well for some people without any side effects. However, it is important to note that in all cases taking a few pills alone won’t cause you to shift that excess weight. Doctors will recommend that you take slimming pills on top of exercise for maximum impact.




Surgery is an extreme measure. A doctor will often only recommend it if you’re morbidly obese. However, you can take optional surgery methods such as liposuction without having to be recommended.


As with diet pills, surgery alone isn’t the only cure. Most doctors will recommend dieting and exercise on top to obesity surgery failure. You may be asked by a surgeon to lose a certain amount of weight naturally first. This may be done as a way of proving that you won’t go back to your original lifestyle methods after surgery and potentially reverse all that has been done.


Extreme dieting

extreme slimming

You may be familiar with various extreme slimming diets such as living off soup or starving yourself for portions of the day. These diets can often get the b done, but can have all manner of nasty side effects on top. Extreme dieters in the past have reported lower sex drive, depression, constipation, dehydration and fatigue as a result. There can also be more lasting side effects such as muscle atrophy, gall bladder disease and the development of eating disorders later on such as Bulimia and Anorexia.


Before experimenting with crash dieting, try other less extreme slimming techniques first to see if they have positive effects. If you can, see a doctor or a dietician first before trying an extreme diet – they may be able to tailor something a little less severe to your needs. Make sure that you’re not adding to extreme dieting with extreme exercise, otherwise you will do damage on your internal organs.


Extreme exercise


It’s possible to exercise so much that you do more harm than good. For those trying to lose weight, the odd bout of cardio or a heavy session every week at the gym won’t do you any damage – it’s important to push yourself every so often to give your weight loss that extra kick. However, if you’re constantly pushing yourself to the limit without giving yourself time to rest, this could be a sign that you’re taking exercise too far.

extreme slimming


Over-exercising can cause cardiac dangers as you put more stress on the heart and coronary artery. Having breaks between each bout of exercise won’t cause you to put on the weight you’ve lost, so long as you’re eating healthily and not pigging out during these breaks

Generally, having a day of rest in between each day of exercise is healthy. Don’t be afraid to push yourself on your workout days. Training with a friend or hiring a personal trainer might give you that extra motivation if you’re suffering from the opposite problem of not exercising enough.


All in all, the general rule of thumb when it comes to weight loss is to not stick solely to one strategy and to do everything in moderation and stay away from extreme slimming programs. Staying patient and not going all out could ensure that keep the weight off and that there aren’t any other damaging side effects to your health that then require extra remedying.

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