3 Fitness Facts You Should Tell Yourself Now

fitness facts
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3 Fitness Facts You Need To Know Right Now


You’re too busy for fitness. You have a job, a family, a commute, a Netflix subscription. Workouts have to wait. Am I right? That’s why these fitness facts are essential to your very well-being.

Once upon a time, I felt this way too. Raising two babies and working full time left me perpetually in motion and therefore exhausted. When the house was clean and the kids were asleep, all I wanted to do was collapse in front of the T.V — Haagen Dazs in hand.

I didn’t realize then that skipping workouts affected more than just my physique. My mental, emotional and physical health suffered too. Because fitness affects my whole health and every facet of my life.

Fitness is more than a physical endeavor.

So if you are tired of being so damn tired and not making health a priority, these 3 fitness facts are for you.

fitness facts



  1.  Make Time For What’s Important


“Too busy,” you say. Bullshit. Read the above statement again. I started practicing yoga years ago. I could hop out of bed, roll out my mat and get busy with my asanas. Sometimes I did just a few quick rounds of Sun Salutations. Other times I ran or walked a few miles outside and finished it off with some gentle stretches on my mat. I did what I could when I could. And even on the busiest days, I always had time to do something. #Priorities.

3 fitness facta

2. I DO Have The Energy

Too tired? Nah. The thing about exercise is that it increases energy levels and serotonin (the feel good chemicals in the brain). It basically ignites a fire when you feel burnt out. On days when I had to drag myself to the gym, I worked up a sweat and strutted out feeling like hot shit. Because it feels damn good to crush your goals.

3. Movement Melts Stress Away

I HAVE to go to the gym; I HAVE to workout today, you say. But after you put in the time, you get that hard-earned sweaty glow and the payoff is amazing. Exercise produces a relaxation response, which will elevate your mood and keep depression at bay. So stop telling yourself you HAVE to work out. Tell yourself you GET to workout, and that when you do, the stress will melt away.

Above all, remember you are the author of your excuses and the creator of your own destiny. If you’re facing fitness challenges, it’s time to expose your own excuses. Health happens from the inside out so if you get your mind right, the rest will be automatic. Utilizing these fitness facts will have you looking and feeling fabulous in no time.

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Rica Lewis is a senior magazine staff writer and yoga blogger. She’s the founder of Yoga Mat Monkey.com

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  1. Constantly i hear i dont have time ,i cant make it and all that.Having twin boys i am always too tired.Articles like this help me to remind that there is nothing as important as myself and if you are mot having time, you make time.

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