Inspired Ways To Look And Feel Youthful


How To Be Youthful As You Get Older

Has there ever been a time in human history where we weren’t concerned with the effects of aging? Did our ancient ancestors care about the appearance of wrinkles? About the dulling color of our skins? It could be argued that people in prehistoric times probably had a lot more to concern themselves with – besides, they didn’t have as many mirrors as we do in which to catch the reflection of their aging faces! We all want to look and feel youthful.


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But, in general, people have been trying to fight the signs are millennia, with evidence that the ancient Romans and Egyptians took various (often strange) methods to keep their skin looking youthful. These worries haven’t abated over time; if anything, we seem to be getting more and more worried about it all the time!


If you’re feeling worried about the aging of your skin, then there’s no need to fret. (In fact, as we’ll see, that may make things worse!) This here is an essential guide for those in need of anti-aging combat techniques!


The case against Botox


When confronted with aging skin, a lot of people become tempted to jump to Botox. You may have heard about this stuff before without realizing precisely what it is. Essentially, it’s the modern replacement of a facelift (though people do still get those!). A protein called botulinum toxin is injected into areas of the face. It paralyzes facial muscles, reducing the likelihood of wrinkles. Botox is the commercial name of the protein when it is used in this process.




Of course, I don’t want to tell you not to get Botox injections if you really think it will improve your life. But I will make three quick points about this process that will hopefully make you consider other, healthier options.


The first, and most obvious, is that Botox is very expensive. And as a cosmetic treatment, it won’t be covered by any medical insurance. The second is that the buying of Botox funds the kind of companies that profit from making people feel bad about how they look. And the third is that people can always tell when someone has had Botox injections. Don’t believe otherwise! It gives you a very distinct, “stiff” look that is easily identifiable as the result of Botox.


Consider changes in your lifestyle


One of the biggest contributor – if not the biggest contributor – to the signs of aging is an unhealthy lifestyle! Again, what we generally think of as the undesirable signs of aging are usually the results of lifelong damaging diets and activities.



Ever seen an interview with one of those people who has lived past the age of one hundred? Sure, they always look old, but quite often they don’t look much older than someone in their seventies might. And what about youthful-looking seventy-year-olds? The ones who don’t look much older than fifty? How do they do that?


The things that help you live longer are also the things that can make sure you look youthful for longer. The things that we usually associate with younger people are usually simple indicators of good health: soft skin, plenty of energy, good respiratory health, etc. Ensuring that you drink enough water every day, get plenty of exercises, eat the right foods, etc, will help a lot. Remember to seek help or alternatives if you have difficulty with certain aspects of this. For example, garlic has been shown to be great for the skin, but not everyone wants to eat a clove of the stuff a day – so you should look into the


Remember to seek help or alternatives if you have difficulty with certain aspects of this. For example, garlic has been shown to be great for the skin, but not everyone wants to eat a clove of the stuff a say – so you should look into the best garlic supplement you can find. You should also abstain from excessive drinking or smoking; this is essential to keeping yourself looking youthful in the long-term.


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Relax more! Seriously!


The effects of what, you ask? Relaxation. You’ve probably heard it before: stress is one of the most dangerous things you can subject your body to. And yet a shocking amount of us are putting ourselves under way too much stress on a daily basis. So how does stress affect skin? Sure, it makes you frown a lot, which is a pretty big contributor to the process. But it also wreaks havoc on your body and skin in other ways, all affecting your capacity for a youthful appearance.


So make sure you take the time to relax. You should also make sure you’re getting enough sleep every night. When you’re asleep, the body is taking that time to regenerate itself. It may not feel like it when you wake up, though! If you’re feeling groggy every morning, it means you’re probably not sleeping enough. Try working on that.




Don’t be afraid to look into helpful products


A lot of people want to go down a completely “natural” route when it comes to fighting the aging process. They seem to think that things like anti-aging creams are basically akin to injecting Botox. This, of course, isn’t really the case! Some of those products you see advertised on television do actually work quite well.


Of course, you should understand that everyone’s skin is different. What works for some people doesn’t always work for others. But these things aren’t permanent and expensive fixtures like cosmetic surgery or injections! This means that you have the freedom to experiment with different products to see what will work best for your skin.


Something as simple a daily facial moisturizer can keep your skin cells feisty and healthy. You should definitely keep an eye out for the likes of aloe vera, which is absolute magic for the skin. It’s often included in moisturizing products, but you can also get pure aloe vera gel from stores that specialize in organic products.


Try speaking to an expert


People sometimes think that the only “expert” they could speak to here is a cosmetic surgeon. But this isn’t true! The main goal of a cosmetic surgeon’s consultation is to get you to buy surgery. You’re much better off going with neutral, medically-expert party. And yes, I am talking about going to a doctor.


Your physician may be able to help a lot when it comes to tackling various skin problems that are associated with aging, but they may also refer you to a dermatologist for specialist treatment. Dermatologists can help with both surgical and non-surgical procedures, and may even be able to recommend you specific products and lifestyle changes based on your particular skin structure. Don’t be afraid to look into medical treatments they may suggest, like microdermabrasion. Something like that can be done at home or with a doctor.

Why should the young have the market cornered on looking and feeling youthful? These tips are sure to help!

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