Medical Care: Amazing Facts About Nurses You Might Not Know


Important Facts To Know About Nurses And Medical Care



When we think of getting the best medical care possible when we are sick, we want to go straight to the doctor! Well, they are the ones with the medical education and experience, right? Well, it really depends on what you are going to see them about. In fact, currently, many nurses are trained to an incredibly high standard and specialize in certain areas. Which makes them the perfect person to see about the health issue that you are experiencing. Read on to find out more.



 Bedside Manner


Now, I know that you can’t tile everyone with the same brush, but it is likely that you have visited the doctors on occasion to be met with a gruff dismissal of your issue.


Doctors are notoriously time pressured, and this can make it very hard for them to come across as emphatic and have a good bedside manner with every one of hundreds of the hundreds of patients that they see in a day.



Now, it’s not like nurses are time pressured either, but it may just be that they have those few extra minutes to sit and speak to you about your condition and allay your fears. Which as we know can make all of the difference when you are not feeling too well.


 Specific Training


Another reason that you may want to see a nurse is that many have advanced and specialized training. It’s not just about their basic certificate of qualification, there are all sorts of courses available, even ones like the PhD in nursing practice offer by Maryville Online. OK, so then they would technically be a doctor of nursing, but you get what I mean right?


Just because someone is a nurse does not automatically mean that they are any less capable of treating your condition than a doctor.


They Can Prescribe Medications




It is also worth bearing in mind that you don’t always have to see the doctor to be prescribed medication either. Many nurses and Nurse Practitioners are now qualified to dispense medicines. Which means they can be very useful if you have a minor issue that you know you will need some treatment for like a chest infection or bad sprain.


They Can Act As Triage And Refer You To A Doctor


Also, remember that doctor and nurses, whatever their levels work together as a team. Just because you are being seen by one does not have to mean that you don’t have access to the other if you need it. For example, it’s quite common to get an appointment with a nurse practitioner, who acts as triage.



They then assess your condition, and if their medical opinion suggests that you need further assistance, they can call the doctor to assist or advise.


They Are There To Help


Lastly, there are somethings that just don’t need the input of a doctor unless something goes wrong. These can include things like smear tests, post illness rehabilitation, and child vaccinations.

Amazing reasons to trust your medical care to nurses


You can visit the nurses for these, leaving the doctor’s time free to deal with the more serious cases. Nurses are highly trained and offer quality care!




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  1. Skilled RNs are just a priceless asset….they work so hard and still have the energy to emotionally with many patients. I always called our three oncology nurses “angels” to this day.

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