Men’s Health: The Facts About Testosterone

men's health

Men’s Sexual Health

June is Men’s Health Month so I thought what is the most health issue among men? Of course, there are plenty. Sexual Health is important to all of us and when a man can’t perform sexually it can have adverse effects mentally as you could imagine. I found some surprising facts regarding this issue and had to share them.
men's health


We all have a general idea of what Testosterone is and how it works but here is the actual definition. Testosterone is the main sex hormone found in men. It also controls the male physical features. Both men and women have testosterone.
I believe it is commonly thought that men lose Testosterone after forty but the truth is it starts to decrease at 30. Low testosterone affects Sexual Function and Libido. It isn’t something you can’t help.
Fun Fact: Women’s Testosterone increases when in love while a Man’s decreases
The levels actually change hourly. They are at their highest for men, in the morning which is why men enjoy sex in the morning.

Factors Causing Low Testosterone

Smoking reduces sperm count and most men who have dysfunction are smokers. It damages the arteries, making it difficult to rise to the occasion.Drinking alcohol may make you more daring but it also causes libido and erectile issues.Weight can play a role as well as an inactive lifestyle. Stress is a major culprit. All of these can have a detrimental effect on Men’s Health.

Unusual Suspects

There are also things that affect libido that perhaps you didn’t know about. I was in fact surprised myself.
Insect Repellent
Chlorinated Pools
men's health
Food, of course, plays a significant role in everything and Sexual Dysfunction is included. A healthy diet rich with Protein, Low Fats and Fiber is essential.
A good idea is to stay away from Myco Estrogens. They are Estrogens that happen from fungi and mold. They are often found in products that contain Maise, Barley, Oats, Wheat, Rice and Sorghum.
There is also a meat substitute popular with Vegetarians but bad for men’s health called Quorn. Soy is also a suspect.
So you say, what can I eat? Here is a list of nutrients that aid Sexual Function:
Vitamin C
Fun Fact: Testosterone increases after Masturbation

More Tips

There are studies that say Meditation actually elevate Testosterone due to relieving stress.
Even Men do Kegels. It strengthens the muscle and helps to heighten Orgasm and control Premature Ejaculation.
Exercise increases libido and confidence.
So you see by employing simple changes to your everyday routines such as Healthy Eating, Exercise , and Meditation you can keep everything at peak performance. We all need it don’t we?

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Licorice? I had no idea, I’d heard that soy is not a good thing for men to eat but I’ve got to let my licorice loving boyfriend to lay off the licorice!!

Kevin Jones

I knew stress and lack of sleep can affect our testosterone levels but sunscreen and rice, I have to admit I had no clue haha. I’m not the epitome of masculinity as I have a rather thin physique so I joined a gym and started paying more attention to my diet. I’m not The Rock just yet but my self esteem skyrocketed so I can’t wait for those big results to finally show.


Great Share!
One of the most common male sex problems is having low testosterone. Symptoms of low testosterone appear as men age. In women, there are already ways to correct low hormones and even hormonal imbalances during pre-menopausal and menopausal ages. Doctors realized that as declining estrogen and progesterone hormones causes symptoms as well as diseases in women, declining testosterone levels could also trigger health consequences in men. You have covered great things in your post. Thanks for sharing 🙂
Keep sharing!

Sean - Naturally Boost Testosterone

Nice article about the benefits of testosterone, there are ways to increase testosterone but I like how you have mentioned the things that lower it so they can be avoided, great tips

Michael M Felix

Nice share!
natural testosterone is a steroid hormone normally produced by the Leydig cells in the testes of humans and animals. Female produce far less testosterone in their ovaries than male do their testies. Thanks for sharing this!

Rick Kang

What is testosterone level for 32yrs old men ?

Aaron C

I had no idea rice had an effect on testosterone levels. This changes everything. Thanks for the write-up!


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