Concerned About Chemicals? Switch To These Natural Remedies!

By Heidi /January 4, 2017

natural remedies

Why Not Give Natural Remedies A Try?

Take a look at the inside of an average medicine or beauty cabinet and you might not see anything that really surprises you. Pots, bottles, and containers all full of creams, scrubs, and serums that all claim to do wonders for our skin and hair. Or, you may find yourself looking at bottles of liquid medicine or packets of pills for every ailment you can think of.

All this adds up to a lot of chemicals, many of which are man-made. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this – after all, many man-made discoveries have benefitted us in more ways that one. But a lot of people are skeptical about just how reliant many of us are on medicines and beauty products, many of which contain hundreds of different ingredients. If you looked at the ingredient list on your face wash or your cough syrup, for example, would you actually recognize half of what’s in there? For many of us, this can be a bit unsettling, as we continue to fill our bodies with more and more chemicals that we really don’t know all that much about. Sometimes, going back to our roots is the best way to look and feel better and healthier, and this is where natural products come into play.


What Does Natural Really Mean?

Retailers have sold us the ‘natural product’ line for years, as they are well aware of its appeal. Aiming at those people who want to strip back their health and beauty regime in order to feel rejuvenated, they add a type of plant or leaf into their product and use this as it’s sole USP. In reality, the natural product in the medicine or beauty product may actually only account for a very small part of it.

The marketing, however, would have you believe otherwise. This is why there is a lot of uncertainty about which companies produce genuinely natural products. But the only way the general public can avoid being duped in this way is to go down one of two routes. Firstly, you can source out the raw natural product yourself and use it in a way that benefits either your health or your physical appearance, depending on what your priorities are.

Or, you can avoid major international retailers and instead look at smaller companies which focus solely on producing nature-based products and herbal medicines. Here are a few ways you can start to incorporate parts of the natural world into your everyday routine and feel much better for it too.

Energy boost

When we are feeling sleepy or sluggish, our productivity can be drastically affected. As so many of us these days are in demanding, high energy job roles, there simply isn’t room for this (in most cases). For this reason, a lot of people may find that they become more tempted to grab an easy fix for this tiredness – in the form of energy drinks. Energy drinks are a huge market and are available in nearly every store or major retailer, making them easy to grab on the go. Plus, they do what they say on the tin – giving you a sudden burst of energy and alertness which enables you to focus again.

But is it all really without its risks? Energy drinks are very high in sugar along with human-created ingredients like manufactured taurine. There is also evidence to suggest that prolonged use can lead to the risk of heart attacks or an irregular heartbeat. If you live a lifestyle which means you are often reliant on energy drinks, why not switch to some herbal remedies instead?

Both licorice and the herb eleuthero are famed for their energy-boosting properties. The benefit of these natural products is that they release energy slowly over time, rather than giving you a sudden boost then bringing you back down to earth.


One of the biggest beauty markets across the globe is the skincare market. Primarily targeted at women (although the men’s market is growing) most products produced are aimed at either clearing up skin breakouts or preventing the effects of aging. It can seem that nearly every week a new TV advert arrives, quoting a mystical ingredient no one has really heard of and promising to solve all your skin problems.

Often, these adverts are dubious as it is, with unreliable focus groups and airbrushed models. So what can the average woman turn to in order to free her skin from unnecessary chemicals? Well, thankfully there is a whole range of products direct from Mother Nature herself that can solve most common skin ailments. You can either buy these products in ready-made mixes from health stores, or you can find them in their raw forms and get creative!

Tea tree oil has long been known for its benefits for human skin, especially when it comes to calming down a breakout of acne. Witch hazel is known to have similar properties, and Vitamin E is essential for maintaining supple, healthy skin. You can either buy refined oil or take vitamin E in capsule form to keep your skin looking young and radiant.


Cold and flu

As far as common illnesses go, it doesn’t get more regular than the good old cold and flu combination. Most of us suffer an episode at least once a year, but usually more. The flu is a viral infection which tends to lead to a whole range of symptoms including a sore throat, weak muscles, runny nose and a headache. Pretty nasty stuff – which is why it’s no surprise that so many of us head straight for the medicine cabinet when we feel the flu coming on. But, many commercial cold and flu treatments may not all be what they seem.

Most of them, rather than being preventative, are simply ways to relieve your symptoms – which essentially means that they are painkillers. If you are concerned about your tablet intake, you may be better off resorting to more natural cures which are less likely to give you any side effects, such as lethargy. The classic cold and flu cure is honey, lemon, and ginger.

Ginger and lemon are both full of immune-boosting antioxidants, which will help you to fight the infection faster. As well as tasting great, honey soothes the throat by providing a protective layer on it – great if yours is feeling particularly sore. If ginger isn’t really your thing, try adding cinnamon for a similar effect. Garlic is also natural product full of antiviral properties, so try adding some to your drinks or, if you are feeling brave, eating a whole clove.

Sleep aids

Hands up who doesn’t get enough sleep? That will be most of us then. Juggling parenthood with a full-time job and trying to fit the gym around that too is quite the challenge, even for the most organized of people. Trying to fit too much into our 24 hour days is the common reason behind why so many of us don’t get enough sleep. You might run for a week or so on 5 hours a night and not think all that much of it. But this is simply not sustainable in terms of a long-term lifestyle choice. That’s how natural remedies help.

A huge proportion of the general public also suffers from insomnia, or an inability to switch off at night and relax. Sleep deprivation can lead to desperation, which is what drives so many of to reach for manmade sleep aids such as sleeping pills. Whilst these aren’t particularly problematic if used rarely and in the right situation (such as sleeping on an airplane, if you are afraid of flying) they can be dangerous if you start relying on them.

No one really knows what is in them, and some of the compounds can lead to a whole host of different side effects. Difficulty getting your balance, daytime drowsiness and changes in your appetite are just three examples of these. If your sleep routine is getting out of hand and it is impacting your ability to function during the day, you may want to consider some more natural remedies to help you drift off. The herbal extract valerian is said to help induce sleep without the side effects of man-made aids such as benzodiazepines. Another very popular natural sleep aid is chamomile.

Chamomile is a flower and the most popular type is German chamomile. You are probably most familiar with it being used as a tea infusion. Try having a cup before bed to help induce a sleepy state. It’s calming properties should help you to relax, meaning that you are in a better frame of mind for getting a solid 7 or 8 hours. Just be mindful of the time at which you drink it, as otherwise your sleep may be interrupted by trips to the bathroom!

Living a purer, healthier life can easily be achieved by switching to natural remedies rather than relying on chemicals and tablets all the time. You may find that you feel closer to nature as well as appearing and feeling great – a winning combination.

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Not-So-Obvious Health Woes Which Can Occur If You Smoke Regularly!

By Heidi /January 3, 2017

Not-So-Obvious Health Woes Which Can Occur If Your Smoking Regularly!


Despite the serious risks of smoking, thousands of people still have a daily cigarette. And while people know about the risk of heart disease and lung cancer from smoking, there are several other health troubles you might not be aware of. Therefore, here are some not-so-obvious health woes which can occur if you smoke regularly, and might encourage you to quit during 2017.



It can increase your chances of poor eyesight

When something goes wrong with your eyes, it can be easy to blame it on your work or age. But it could actually be down to your daily habit! Research has found that smoking on a daily basis can lead to vision loss. And as well as this, studies have shown that smoking can put you at higher risk of conditions such as cataracts later in life.

Therefore, it’s time to give up the habit for the sake of your eyesight. And you can read my previous blog for other ways to keep your vision in good form for as long as possible.


It can cause you to struggle to get pregnant

You might know the importance of being in good health when you are trying for a baby. But you might not realize that smoking can affect your chances of conceiving a little one. For one thing, it can decrease the number of eggs, so you are going to get less of an opportunity to conceive during ovulation. And not only this, but it can cause early menopause so that you become infertile at a young age.

If you do manage to get pregnant, being a smoker can cause issues during the whole pregnancy and can even bring labor on early. It’s not just women who are at risk when it comes to smoking. For men, it can lower sperm count and lead to a lack of quality sperm. Therefore, if you are trying for a baby, you and your partner should both give up smoking.



It can increase your chances of getting asthma

Smoking should be a definite no if you have asthma. After all, it can make your symptoms worse, and the tobacco smoke can lead to an asthma attack. But you might not realize that you are more likely to develop asthma if you are smoking. Therefore, you might not have had the condition before, but it can begin due to the bad habit.

And once you start experiencing asthma, it can be hard to get rid of it from your life. Therefore, you should try to cut out the bad habit for the sake of your health. You could always switch to an e cig which helps a lot of people stop smoking. Or you could even consider cigarette patches or gum to help you to quit.


It can cause you to suffer from gum disease

A lot of people don’t think about the health issues they may face in their mouth from smoking. But the daily habit can cause you to be at higher risk of gum disease. After all, tobacco smoke can irritate your gums and cause tooth loss. And once you have gum disease, it can lead to further health problems. Therefore, you should cut out smoking for the sake of your dental health.




And remember there is a lot of help and guidance out there if you want to give up smoking.


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New Year, New Life: Unusual Ways Live A Healthier Lifestyle

By Heidi /January 3, 2017

healthy lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle Choices You Need To Think About

It’s the start of a brand new year, which means we’re all making a load of new year’s resolutions that we probably won’t end up sticking to. Even if you resolve to go to the gym for the rest of the year, they tend to empty out around the end of January when people start drifting back to their usual lives. It’s important to consider real lifestyle changes that you want to make, instead of just making a resolution that will drift away as quickly as you had the idea. Here are some ideas of real lifestyle changes that you could make over the next year to feel better and happier.

Eat Ethical Food



If you do your research, you’ll find that eating meat is terrible for the environment in terms of how much energy is used to give you that juicy steak that you love. However, it isn’t necessary to go vegetarian in order to be more ethical with your food – after all, the dairy industry is also full of problems. If you want to maintain your carnivore ways, why not try buying from your local butcher instead of chain supermarkets? The meat will be fresher and tastier as well as more ethical.

Quit Smoking

If you’ve always wanted to quit smoking but never quite managed it, now is the time to do it. You have to be determined to quit smoking – if you find it really hard, try out nicotine patches or gum, self help groups, hypnosis or therapy.


Start Meal Planning



If you want to start eating more healthily, then meal planning is a great option to go for. If you plan out what you want to eat each day over the course of the week then buy your groceries accordingly, you’ll stop splashing out on expensive snacks when you’re hungry over the course of the day. It’ll also be easier to plan out healthy meals.


Bring Essential Oils Into Your Life


healthier lifestyle


If you’ve never had essential oils in your life before, this is the time to start trying them out. Each oil has different properties. Do your research on which company to buy them from – the top 20 brands for essential oils are here – and select which oils would benefit you the most.

Lavender is great to calm down stress and anxiety and help you sleep, myrrh has antiseptic properties and will help treat acne and eczema, and tea tree is good for your skin and is a great disinfectant.


Live A Fitter Lifestyle

If you’ve gained a little weight over Christmas, it’s time to get rid of it! Buy some running shoes and sports gear and try out Couch To 5K – if you don’t feel confident enough for that, why not go for a walk every day? It’ll help out if you have any back problems, and getting out into the fresh air every day will do wonders for your mental health.

If you find it hard to motivate yourself into going to the gym, then you could try going to a yoga or Zumba class with one of your friends instead, to turn exercise into a fun social occasion.

Did you find anything in this post you didn’t know? Maybe, maybe not but we all need to remind ourselves how important a healthier lifestyle is and the tools to get started!

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Getting Your Fitness Journey Off To An Incredible Start

By Heidi /January 3, 2017

fitness journey

The Ultimate Guide To Jumpstarting Your Fitness Journey


The number one resolution ever new year is always to lose weight and workout! We always have the best intentions but many times we give up after a few months. Starting is the hardest part. It always was for me too, really every time I worked out and that’s why I wrote this guide to starting your fitness journey. This guide will help you to get things moving!


Come Up With A Set Of Goals

If you want to get your fitness journey off to the best start, you need to come up with a set of goals. You won’t get very far if you don’t have goals. You might just think that you want to get healthier, but that in itself is a goal. Would you like to drop a dress size, get better at pull ups, or run faster? These are all great goals to have. Come up with your own goals so you know exactly what you need to be doing in your fitness journey to achieve it.

Record Your Measurements, Weight, Etc

Before you begin doing anything, it’s a really good idea to record your measurements, weight, and anything else that will help you to see how far you’ve come later on. Every week you can then do the exact same thing again. Straight away you might make huge results, but don’t expect these to last forever. Results will eventually slow down, but that’s fine. Slow progress is normal and better than no progress. You just have to keep going.


All you need to bear in mind here is that it’s not all about your weight. Weight can go up but your body size can shrink depending on the kind of training you’re doing. As long as you feel great and you can physically see a difference, that’s all that really matters!



Get Into A Routine You Can Manage

Don’t bite off more than you can chew at first. Get into a routine that you can manage. You could start with just 3 workouts a week, and slowly build yourself up if you feel like it. However, as long as you’re always focusing on improving in your workouts and your diet outside of the gym is great, you will still get results! That’s why being smarter is the best thing, not necessarily working harder.


Learn As Much As You Can

Don’t just take other fitness freak’s word for it. Make an effort to learn as much as you can. Youtube is a godsend when it comes to nutrition and training advice. The more you learn, the better equipped you’ll be to make your own smart decisions without the need to rely on others. Also, bear in mind that some people out there will sell generic advice to you. Be careful about who you trust! You should be careful of certain plans and meal guides. For example, the

Also, bear in mind that some people out there will sell generic advice to you. Be careful about who you trust! You should be careful of certain plans and meal guides. For example, the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. These plans aren’t for everyone.  


Don’t Forget That Food Is As Important As Exercise

You can’t exercise all the time and expect that to make you fit if you’re eating all the wrong foods. Moderation and balance is key to any fitness regime. Food is just as important, if not more important than exercise. Make sure you’re filling your cupboards with the healthy stuff rather than the rubbish stuff. Learn how to read nutritional labels and make smart choices wherever possible. Sure, still live your life. Just make sure you choose what you eat wisely as much as possible!


Have A Set Day And Time To Record Your Aesthetic/Feeling Progress

You want to have a set day and time to record your aesthetic process so you can accurately measure how you’re doing. It’s a good idea to do it on the same day of the week, at the same time. This way, you get a more accurate picture. Make sure you don’t get too caught up in the aesthetics of it all too. If you feel incredible but you haven’t lost inches or weight, don’t worry! Progress will come, and the important thing is that you feel good!


Remember To Make A Note Of Your Exercise Progress Too

As well as making a note of how you’re shaping up, make sure you make a note of your exercise progress too. Are you getting stronger? Faster? Make a note of it! This is why it’s such a good idea to take a little notebook with you to the gym, so you can record it as you go along. You’ll then be able to look at it the next time you go and aim to improve, even if it’s just by one rep.


Change Your Goals If You Need To

Eventually, there will likely come a time when you need to change or update your goals. This might be because you’ve lost fat and want to build muscle, for instance. Make sure you always have a realistic and achievable set of long term and short term goals for the best results.


Don’t Let Yourself Get Bored

If you get bored of your plan, you’ll likely give up. You may love a plan at first and then begin to resent doing it if you do it for too long. Consider doing the same thing for just 4 weeks before changing, for instance. Switching things up will help you to avoid hitting a plateau and help you to get even better results.

Avoid The False Starts

There are so many false starts for people when they decide to start a fitness journey. What’s a false start? Buying running shoes but failing to go running. Buying a fitness tracker for the novelty and expecting it to encourage you to workout. These things won’t work unless you do. Don’t get caught up in all the false starts and make sure you actually take action to reach your goals.


What are you waiting for? Get your fitness journey off to an incredible start with these tips. You’ll feel amazing and build up momentum! Do you have tips of your own? Leave them below. Bye for now!

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Health Management: 3 Things You Wish You’d Known Earlier

By Heidi /January 3, 2017

Health Management: Fact VS Fiction


When it comes to staying healthy, there is so much information at your fingertips. But the problem is, it can be hard to separate the good from the bad. But there are still things you can learn about health management by doing a little research. Just like the suggestions below.


Eastern and Western Medicine Are Not Enemies!


One of the biggest misnomers of health management is that you have to pick a school of thought. Either East or West. Western medicine is what we have access to via our local medical professionals. It is based on scientific evidence, with properly sampled research.


On the other hand, Eastern medicine is focused on treating the issue in a more holistic way.

Eastern medicine often takes an approach, which includes not only how different parts of the body can affect each other, but also how the mind and spirit affect the body as well.


This perspective has been used to criticize the western view as overly symptom focused. That is that they only look at the surface issues that are presenting and treat those.


The thing is you don’t have to pick one school of though, you can actually use both. Instead of seeing the Eastern approach as alternative therapies, it is more useful to reframe them as complementary therapies and methods. To be completed alongside traditional Western treatments.


Remember, though, to ensure your own safety, you should always check with your doctor before taking any other medicines or therapies. As the Western model of medicine is now starting to be a little more open to Eastern thought, you might be surprised as to how positive they are about combining the two.


There are ways of coping with chronic pain


For many people, chronic pain is something they suffer with on a day to day basis. Its eats away at the quality of their lives, and their energy. But it isn’t something that you just have to put up with. There are ways of treating it, as well as ways of learning to relate to it better so that it bothers you less.



Many folks with chronic pain have to use prescribed medication to get on with their lives. However, there are other options. For example, there are now technological advances in pain management like light laser treatments and TENS machines. Treatments such as these, allow patients to control their pain without being reliant on meds.


Or you could choose to use mindfulness as a way of changing your relationship and reaction to the pain. The idea is that through being mindful, you no longer fuse with any and every thought that pops into your head like “This is painful.”


Instead, there is a space to observe the thought and choose whether you will act on it. So instead of immediately stopping because you are getting the message “This is painful,” you can mindfully test to see whether you could move or not and work through the pain.


You know you body best



Another thing you probably always knew, but wish you had acknowledged earlier is that you, and not your doctor knows your own body the best. Yes, they have the training and skills to help you identify what is going wrong. But if you feel something is up and they disagree you can always ask for a second opinion.
When dealing with Health Management and care it’s best to have all the facts. I hope this post helps you o your journey to managing your health.

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Concerned Your Diet Is Lacking Something? Time To Stop Worrying

By Heidi /January 3, 2017


How To Create A Healthy And Balanced Diet


When you start to really think about your diet and how to improve, you start thinking beyond the most obvious concerns of what will help you gain or lose weight. You want to make sure that the food you eat is serving its true purpose and helping your body retain the vitamins, minerals, and goodness that it’s supposed to. If you want to make sure your diet is giving you what you need, then read on.



Know the risks

A lot of people don’t realize just how serious deficiencies can be, so the first thing to do is learn how to recognize the signs early. Rashes on your face could be a sign of biotin deficiency. Muscle cramps, particularly in your legs when you try to get up in the morning, can be due to low potassium levels. But they can get more serious and put you in more risk. By recognizing the risks and the symptoms earlier, you can take care of deficiencies before they become a real problem.


Stop eating processed food

It’s a tip that should apply to just about anyone trying to live a healthier life. You may be aware of ingredients that have the nutrients you need in big doses, but getting them as part of a processed meal isn’t going to give you that same hit.

The process of preserving and storing them can mean getting rid of a lot of that goodness. Instead, start learning to cook from recipes and use the ingredients in the best shape they can be. You’ll be cutting a lot of salt and fat from your diet, too.


Know your supplements

Food alone might sometimes seem like it’s not enough to help you reach all those vitamins and minerals you need. Especially if you’re limiting the number of calories you eat for justified reasons. You shouldn’t be afraid of supplements.

Well-tested, proven, and widely acclaimed choices like fish oil, coconut oil, and turmeric are very easy way to stock up on nutrients hard to sustain otherwise. Learn more on to see how easy it is to catch up on the vitamins you’re otherwise missing.


Be responsible

That’s not to say that even the stuff that’s the best for you can’t pose a risk. Everything needs to be taken in context. If you’re using medication or supplements of other kinds, harmful interactions and overdoses are a real threat. While that shouldn’t scare you off the idea of supplementing entirely, it should urge you to be more cautious.

Sites like make it easier to look up the different interactions and make sure you’re safe. But if you’re feeling doubtful, you should just ask your doctor at the end of the day. They can give you a much more thorough go ahead than any site.

Managing every intake you need of all the different nutrients can seem like a lot of effort for one diet. Make sure you’re using the whole ingredients that pack the whole punch but don’t be afraid to use a little boost here and there. Just make sure you’re being responsible about it.

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Too Much Alcohol Over Holiday Season? Here’s What You Need To Do Now

By Heidi /January 3, 2017


How To Recover From Too Much Alcohol Over The Holidays

If you have been overdoing it over the past few weeks, you are in a very good company. Many of us enjoy a few drinks during the holiday season and often drink way more than we normally do. And, it should come as no surprise that your body won’t be in as great a shape as it might have been in early November. In today’s guide, I’m going to reveal some of the best tips out there that will help you recover from Christmas excess – let’s get started with the basics.

Visit your doctor


First of all, I am not a medical expert, so please pay your doctor a visit. If you have been drinking a lot of alcohol, you may have damaged your liver and kidneys, and could even have triggered an addiction. There is no room for messing around, here, so a quick check up and talk with your doctor is the best way to start off your new year.


Seek help if you need it


If you have had alcohol addiction problems in the past, it’s going to be critical to sort yourself out quickly. The holiday season can be tough for recovering alcoholics, and it’s not uncommon for relapses to occur. Don’t hesitate and find help as soon as possible. The quicker you start treatment again, the sooner you can carry on with your life in a healthy way. Aim to start earning those Alcoholics Anonymous tokens sooner, rather than later, and your body will recover.



Forget about abstaining for a month


A lot of people think they can recover by not drinking for a month, but this simply isn’t true. Yes, of course not drinking at all will improve your liver’s condition, but it’s pointless if you jump into February with a glass in hand once more. And if you want to repair a lot of the liver damage you have caused, it will take a minimum of 6 months of no drinking at all, not a single sober month. You are far better off drinking on the odd occasion, but ensuring you are alcohol-free for 3-4 days every week, all across the year.


Get some exercise


Drinking alcohol in vast quantities means you will put on weight – it’s as simple as that. So, make sure that your New Year plans for working out a little more are set in stone. Turn up every day, do your workout, and stop making excuses. You will improve your appearance within a couple of weeks, and start making your body work better and more efficiently.


Get some sleep


Finally, alcohol upsets your REM sleep, which is vital to keep you in good shape throughout the day. Miss out on too much REM, and it can cause significant damage. You will feel tired, of course, but you can also start hallucinating, lose cognitive function, and you might even end up with depression. Make sure you are catching up on all those missed hours of sleep by turning in a little early and forming a better sleep pattern.


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How To Have A Safe And Healthy New Year’s Eve

By Heidi /December 30, 2016
new year's eve

new year's eve

How To Have A Safe And Healthy New Year’s Eve That’s Fun

New year’s eve is just around the corner. You’re probably looking forward to whatever you have planned. It can be a fantastic night, and the perfect footing to start your new year right. It’s important that you take all precautions necessary to ensure the night stays positive.

Nobody wants to start their year on a bad note. Know what you need to do to keep the night as good as possible. Making silly mistakes could lead to disaster with so many people around. Follow these prevention tips to avoid anything horrible!



With everyone celebrating, things get a little hectic. If you’ve got a night in town planned, make sure you stay sensible. Large crowds give thieves the perfect opportunity. When planning for the evening, try to take as little as possible. Anything you do take, keep close to you. Choose a bag that no thief would be able to snatch without you noticing it.

It may even be worth thinking about a bag you could tie under your clothing, just to be sure. Never leave your drink unattended throughout the night, either. Anyone could slip something in when you aren’t looking. Keep your drink in your hand. If you do leave it anywhere, make sure your friends keep an eye on it.



Plan, in advance, how you’re going to get home on the night. If you have a friend that lives near where you’re going, ask them if you can stay with them. That way, you don’t have to worry about getting home until the next day. Remember that you’re going to be drinking, and even if you aren’t, you’ll be staying up late. Whatever you do, don’t drive home drunk.

You don’t want to start your year off by seeking DUI representation. If there’s nowhere you can stay, it’s worth booking a taxi. On such a busy night, you’ll have to book this well in advance to ensure you can find one. You will have to leave at a set time this way, but it’s worth it for knowing you’ll get back home. Taxis at that time of night on New Year’s Eve even can be pricey. If there are a few of you out together, see if everyone else would like to share your ride. That way, you can split the cost between you.



If you’re out in a busy venue, it’s important that you stick with the people you came with. Getting separated from your friends could ruin your night, and put you at risk. With so many people around, you could come across someone with bad intentions. Sticking with your friends is the best way to ensure that doesn’t happen. It can be hard to stay together when there are a lot of people around. Losing sight of each other for a second could end in your being separated. Even when you go to the toilet, do so in pairs.  

New Year’s Eve can be fun and safe. I hope this post helps you be prepared. Happy New Year

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Health And Fitness Goals We All Need For 2017

By Heidi /December 30, 2016

Set Your Health And Fitness Goals For 2017

The new year is almost upon us, and that can only mean one thing: time to make up some new year’s resolutions! If you are like most people, you are probably thinking of some resolutions that can help you to improve your health and fitness. Not sure which ones you should take up? Here are some awesome health and fitness goals that we should all work towards in 2017.



Start To Run


Have you always wanted to enter a marathon or a local road race? Many people enter these fantastic races to try and raise some cash for charities. Would you love to do some good for a local cause? Well, why not start running next year! Running is a great way to keep in shape and to lose some of the extra pounds that you may have gained over Christmas. Have you never been running before? No problem; it is an easy hobby to get into. One of the best ways to start is to download an app, such as Couch to 5k, which can help you to take things easy.


Stop Drinking


No one wants to wake up with a horrendous hangover, or have to call DWI attorneys like Grant Scheiner after being stopped by the police. The best way to prevent both of these situations from ever happening is to cut down on your drinking. Most people like to try and complete a dry January to try and make up for all the overindulgence over the festive period. If you complete this with ease, why not continue to give up alcohol? It will do your body the world of good, and your health and fitness will greatly improve.



Start Yoga Classes


Do you wish your body was slightly more supple? There is one way you can solve that. And that is by joining a Yoga class! The exercises that you perform in Yoga will keep your body flexible and supple, and will also help you to improve your balance and agility. Not only that, though, but meditation and mindfulness are also big parts of Yoga. These great techniques that look at breathing techniques and thought techniques are great at keeping your mental health in check.


Drink More


How much water do you drink at the minute? And I’m talking about fresh water, not sugary soft drinks such as Sprite and Coca-Cola! You need to be drinking plenty of water to make sure that your body is getting enough. Unfortunately, sugary, alcoholic, and caffeinated drinks don’t count to your daily liquid intake.

That’s because the negative effects that they have on the body majorly outweigh the benefits. Stick to fresh water if you want to make sure that your body is getting enough liquid. There are many benefits of this, including youthful looking skin and feeling a lot more energetic throughout the day!


Hopefully, this blog post has given you some great health and fitness goals for 2017. Have a good 2017 and let’s make it the best year next!


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2017: The Year Of New Healthy Habits

By Heidi /December 30, 2016

2017: How To Get Back To Healthy Habits

As 2017 is just around the corner, it’s still time to pack next year’s calendar with a series of little changes that will help you to become a better and healthier person. It’s not about becoming a new person and forgetting who you are, but it’s about swapping some bad habits for healthy ones over the year. Here are steps little steps to start 2017 in the best possible way.


Give Yourself The Means To Reach Your Goal

If, like many after the festive season, you plan to drop a dress size, it’s important that you give yourself the power to achieve your target. In this case, there is a variety of supportive elements that you can use to help you along the way, such as fitness apps for your smartphone or a cookbook of light and healthy recipes to keep meals tasty and nutritious. Whatever goal you have in mind, you need to make sure that you have everything you need to walk confidently in its direction. Whether it’s a book, an online membership, or even new equipment, don’t hesitate to invest in your future success.


Make Your Health A Priority

While everyone wants to stay healthy, you may not know that there is more to health than healthy eating and fitness regime. The products you use in your everyday life can contain harmful toxins that are dangerous for your body. Hazardous substances such as phthalates, benzene, sodium lauryl sulfate, and chlorine can be found in household chemicals and regular kitchen and bathroom products and are linked to nervous and cancerous diseases.

To avoid any further risk, you should always make sure to study the labels of your favorite products very thoroughly and to discuss any issue with your doctor. Additionally. you will find the support of benzene lawyers who are specialized in cases related to the harmful toxin that can cause leukemia. specially Acute Myelogenous Leukemia AML. Often, individuals who are worried about their health prefer to turn to organic products that are guaranteed to be safe for use.


Uncover The Secret Of A Happier Life

For many, a happy new year is synonymous with a joyful party for new year’s eve. As there is no guarantee of how the various events of the year to come are going to affect your mood, it is generally accepted that starting the year with a smile is a good enough effort. While this is partially true, keeping a healthy state of mind is also essential when it comes to your ability to deal with whatever life throws at you. This starts with learning the

This starts with learning the basics of meditation to keep your cool in all situations and free yourself from everyday pressure. Indeed, it’s your ability to deal with any event that enables you to lead a happy life and to reach the goals that you have set for yourself. Meditation is a way of taking a step back and breathing against the adversity that you might feel in certain situations. You will find yourself gain an inner peace that will show you the route to happier decisions.


The New Year is the perfect time to embrace healthy habits

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