Pain Management And Choosing The Right Treatment


pain management

Navigating Pain Management



Managing pain is a difficult task that often requires support from the medical sphere. However, there are a vast variety of pains. Consequently, it can seem difficult, if not impossible, to treat each pain with the same approach. Pain therapy is a very subjective field that is completely connected to the patient’s mindset, sensibility, and emotional status.


Someone who is determined and mentally focused will respond differently to pain than someone who lacks mental strength or is already going through a hard time in life. When drugs are not the solution to pain management – that is when painkillers are not effective enough to remove the pain or to help the patient to deal with it – manipulations and massages become the ideal go-to solution.


But there’s a big difference between asking your partner to give you a shoulder massage at the end of a long day and going to a professional practice to help your body to deal with movements, pain, and recovery. In fact, pain doesn’t always need the touch of a qualified expert to go away. Not recognizing when it’s time to ask for professional help can make it worse too. When do you know what kind of body manipulation you need? Here’s a little guide to help you.  


You Need A Soothing Massage

As a rule of the thumb, an amateur back and shoulder massage is a good way of releasing the stress tensions in your body. Think of it as your well-deserved me time, or couple time, if you decide to give each other a back massage. Stress can build tensions up that you feel in neck, shoulder and back area.


Whether it is an emotional crisis or a hard day at work, tensions are quick to appear. Indulging in a massage has a dual effect: It helps to get rid of tensions – which is the area of your back that is too tensed – and it also makes you feel good. The simple fact of letting human touch take over for a few minutes is key to recharge your batteries and feel energized again.


You Need A Medical Expert

If you’ve been involved in an accident – whether you fell down the stairs or you’ve had to deal with a more serious crash that has required hospitalization – it is likely that you will need the help of back specialists and muscle experts to support you through the recovery time.


Accidents are especially difficult as you will need to rebuild strength in your damaged muscles, or sometimes to learn to move with a new body. This could be the case if the accident has left you in a wheelchair or with serious musculoskeletal or nervous disparities. A specialist, also called a chiropractor, is trained to recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises for your situation.


You Need Both

There is an additional area of pain therapy, which is tightly linked to chronic pain. Chronic pain is a pain that can’t be addressed effectively by the medical body, and that is recurring for the patient. As a result, the ways to manage chronic pains are varied and often focus on complementary therapy.


This means that a patient will receive a massage as a warm up approach and then can perform therapeutic exercises with a chiropractor. Patients who suffer from chronic pain develop complex complementary coping strategies, where some even focus on enhancing their mind with meditation, while other work with spiritual medicines such as reiki.

 So you see there are pain management choices.


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