Your Workout Is Personal: Finding The Perfect Exercise Program

exercise program

How To Find The Exercise Program That’s Perfect For You


With so many exercise programs, workouts and fitness options available, it can be tough choosing one that is perfect for you. In fact, the majority of people who start an exercise program – stop, and they stop for one reason; it wasn’t right for them. It isn’t because they are weak or lazy or not disciplines, it is because exercising is one of the most personal things anyone can ever do. It needs to be right. And you need to have the right intentions. I know the frustration, I tried everything before settling on Strength Training.


Is it weight loss the thing you want to achieve, or do you want to build strength, maybe even become toned, or gain an overall sense of well-being? Knowing what your intentions are and what your endgame is will help you when you’re trying to decide on which routine is best for you.


Health Goals

The reason we have started with such a general intention is because more and more people are becoming interested in this as a final destination. Luckily for you, there is only one workout you need to bother yourself with and that is yoga. The only thing you need to do is consider the intensity and pace of the yoga you want to get involved with. To give you some ideas of what’s out there, there is Power, Bikram, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and PiYo.

exercise program


So figure out what you want and then read some reviews, like this one here That’s what the internet is best at, reviewing before trying. Typically, yoga is meant to burn calories. What it will do, though, is improve balance, flexibility, posture and even mental health issues. So, if any of these have struck a cord, get researching.


Body Goals

For a long time, people thought that aerobic training was the best way to build muscle and provide you with the body you always wanted. But this has since been overtaken by resistance training, which is exactly what makes CrossFit exercising the best thing out there for anyone wanting to build muscle and sculpt their body. What makes it so good is its ability to harness the explosive power that will improve your overall sporting ability while absolutely smashing the calories out of you.


Basically, it makes you lose weight while building muscle, which is the dream sentence for all those that are willing to take the pain to get the gain. It does involve weights, and the use of kettlebells, though, so we recommend you get a basic understanding of how to use these safely before hurling yourself into the deep end. Once that’s done, though, well, hello strength and hello body that shows it.


exercise program

Weight Loss Goals

If you want to lose weight then you need to do something that is high-intensity, something that blasts calories, makes you sweat and leaves you exhausted. That’s the only way you will shave off inches. If this kind of workout is new to you then we recommend you join a Zumba class. These are like daytime parties, but they are also one of the most amazing full-body workouts you can achieve.

How to find the perfect exercise and fitness routine thats perfect for you


If you have already been a Zumba participant for some time now, and you’re looking for a step up in intensity, well, look no further than spinning. This is not fun. Zumba is fun. It has benefits, as explained by, but, yeah, this is hardcore, so you will want to have a pretty solid cardiovascular base, to begin with. It is super-effective, trust us on that. In fact, it tends to burn about 700 calories an hour. 700!


I hope these exercise program examples help you to find your perfect fitness fit! Be healthy

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