Is Your Relationship Healthy? Important Health Facts That Will Amaze You


Health And Your Relationship

We all like to think that our relationship will make us better people. Love makes the world go round, and we all look for someone who can support us and make our days brighter. If we’re ill, our partners take care of us. They make our food and tuck us into bed.


Nothing beats the feeling of having someone look to after you that way. But, it’s also possible that a lot of your illness is caused by the one you love. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s true. We’re going to look at a few instances when it might be the case, and what you can do about them.



There are many reasons humans like to kiss. It’s our way of showing affection. On a scientific level, it’s also thought that we share chemicals similar to pheromones this way. But, there’s no denying that there’s a more sinister side to a kiss. A ten-second French kiss can see us sharing up to 80 million bacteria. That’s a lot! If your man’s dental health isn’t up to scratch, or even his health in general, you could suffer.

Health and your relationship

While you may think that dental issues are non-transferable, it’s not always the case. Ask yourself, is gingivitis contagious through kissing? In short; yes, it is. Plus, the bacteria in an unhealthy mouth is sure to do damage when passed on. On a more basic level, it’s not nice kissing someone with bad breath! If you’re struggling with these issues, find a sensitive way to get your man to brush his teeth! And, if he’s ill with a cold, or any other kind of bug, it might be best to avoid kissing altogether. While it may be romantic, it won’t do your health any good.



Onto a more serious subject now; that of mental health. In extreme circumstances, our partner’s can cause a decline in our mental health. This can be from minor comments about our personality or appearance. Or, it could be something more serious, like mental manipulation. If your partner inadvertently damages your confidence, or causes you to feel depressed, raise the issue. If they do it on purpose, you owe it to yourself to reconsider the relationship.


Living with your partner is, in many ways, the dream. It’s a goal the majority of us all work towards; having our own little family. But, living with your man may also be a wake-up call for your immune system. We’re all used to different standards of hygiene. Someone who lives in unhealthy conditions will have developed the ability to fight bacteria.


But, if you’re used to a sparkling clean home, you’ll be more susceptible to illness in unclean conditions. And, unclean may be what your home becomes if your man has different hygiene standards to you. While you could spend your time cleaning up after him, who wants that? Instead, try to build better habits by showing him a little cleaning 101!

When we are in a relationship, we don’t really think about how it affects our health so ask yourself if your relationship is healthy!

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