Surprising Reasons You Wake Up Tired And What You Can Do


Why Am I Always Tired? Surprising Fatigue Causes


Struggling to sleep and chronic fatigue is a problem for lots of people. However, some people feel like they’ve been asleep all night and still wake up tired. The reason for this can be that while they’re falling asleep, they might wake up without realizing or perhaps not get very good rest.

A number of problems can cause you to wake up still feeling tired after a full night’s sleep. Some of them might seem surprising to you, but they could be what’s stopping you from feeling properly rested. Recognizing the signs and fatigue symptoms can help, and getting a sleep study performed can also help you identify a problem.




Heartburn is an issue many people experience for one reason on another. Pregnant women often get it, and you might have heartburn after eating too much. But sometimes you can develop a condition that causes frequent heartburn, and it can mean you don’t sleep as well.

If you wake up with a bad taste in your mouth, it might mean you have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Many people who wake up feeling unrested could be experiencing acid reflux, but they don’t realize because they don’t experience the symptoms during the day. You can try to follow recommended treatments and lifestyle changes for people with acid reflux to see if it helps.


Sleep Apnea



Sleep apnea is when your breathing is interrupted for ten or more seconds while you’re sleeping. It can mean that you’re not able to sleep deeply and might cause other problems too. It happens when the throat closes and cuts off oxygen, and might cause snoring or lots of waking up during the night. Weight is a major factor, as extra soft tissue can make apnea more likely to occur.

Surprisingly, your dentist might be able to assist with sleep apnea if you think you might have it. The solution is a device you wear at night to keep your airway open.


Teeth Grinding and Jaw Clenching


Another issue your dentist might help you with is teeth grinding or clenching your jaw. If you wake up with a sore jaw, it could be because you’re clenching or grinding your teeth in your sleep. You might also feel your jaw click or pop or your teeth might feel sore. Known as bruxism, this tensing of your jaw muscles can mean you’re not able to sleep properly. Your dentist can help to identify the cause.


Disrupted Sleep Patterns


If your circadian rhythm is out of sync, it can leave you waking up groggy. There are lots of reasons your sleep patterns might be out of whack. You might work nights or irregular shift patterns, or there could be too much light in your room when you’re sleeping. If you can, getting into a regular sleep pattern that follows the cycle of night and day will help. You can also banish screens like phones and laptops from your room. Make your room as dark as possible, and perhaps consider a light alarm clock to wake you gently.

Understanding what’s causing you to feel tired even after sleeping is important. Identifying the problem is the first step before you can treat it.

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