5 Little Health Tips That Every Woman Needs To Know

health tips for women

Health Tips Every Woman Needs

If you find that you are regularly having to make appointments to see your doctor, then it could be time to make some changes to your health. As a woman, there are some different things that are better for our health than men.

With our monthly cycles, we might find it hard to keep our hormones in check, or we deal with things like water retention and bloating in different ways to men. So here are some health tips, specifically for us females. Hope they help to give you a boost and are able to implement them in your life.

health tips for women

Know Your Family History

When you know about your family members and their health, then it can give you a good indicator of where you are at when it comes to your own health. For example, if your mother’s mother was diagnosed with a female cancer like breast or ovarian cancer, then it can be more likely that you could be too. This isn’t to scare you, but more to take some action against it. It can help you to look for signs or even have elective surgery done ahead of time to make things safer for you and slash your risk of it.


See Your Doctor At Least Annually

If you don’t see your doctor much throughout the year, then make sure that you at least see them for an annual well woman exam. It is a check that will look specifically at all things female and discuss any issues with fertility and your menstrual cycle. So they shouldn’t be avoided. The same goes for having a cervical smear test. Make sure that you see your doctor for those too.

Eat Well With Certain Fruit and Vegetables

I don’t know many women that don’t want to lose a few pounds here and there. But it can be tricky to do. So some of the best health tips are to fill up on fruit and vegetables that are high in their water content. We obviously need to drink plenty of water.

But if we can consume water in our food, then that helps massively too. They can help you feel full as water is pretty filling. So choose things like celery, watermelon, honeydew melon, and cucumber, and it should stop you reaching for those extra snacks.

health tips for women

Sleep Well

Create an environment that is conducive to sleep, and it will mean you sleep so much more. Women, especially those of us that are moms, do need to make the most of all of the sleep that we get. So make your room darker if needed, and avoid having distractions in there, like TVs and lots of clutter.

Learn To Destress

When we feel stressed, it can have a massive impact on our lives. So it is a good idea if you can find something that works for you and helps you to destress. It might be doing some boxing or running; it might be meditation or yoga. Whatever it is, make sure that you do it regularly to keep your happiness levels in check.

5 health tips for women

Health for us women isn’t the same as for men. This is why these health tips just for women are so essential. Be healthy!


  1. I’ve been TRYING to see a doctor lately but haven’t been able to get a stinkin’ appointment. I will tryyyyy again next week – however, generally, I am very healthy! ha!

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