20 Minute Core Workout To Get Strong Fast

core workout

How To Strengthen Your Core In 20 Minutes A Day

Years ago when I worked in Hospitality I had no idea what a Core Workout was or why I even needed it. I literally would lose my balance just walking for no reason at all. The Personal Trainer on staff told me my core was weak. Yes, I gave her the look that said , What do you know about my core lady?



Why You Need A Core Workout

She explained to me that your core needs to be strong for balance. Because it’s all connected. Core exercises train multiple muscles to work together from your lower back to the hips. This not only aids balance but strengthens your back, improves posture and stabilizes your entire body.

The honest truth is many overlook Core Exercises when working out and without core strength your chance of injury increase dramatically. This is something Athletes know all too well. Core exercises are pretty easy too, they are exercise moves that engage your stomach and back muscles.

Here are some Core Moves that are easy to do and only take 20 minutes a day with amazingly quick results





The Bridge

Lay on your back, arms extended for leverage. Tighten abs and raise hips off the floor until they are even with your knees and hold for at least 20 seconds.


Knee Fold Tuck

Sit up straight with bent knees, squeezing a ball or folded towel between knees. Lift and pull knees toward shoulders and slowly return to starting position.


Bird Dog

This is a combo of the Superman and the plank. You start on all fours and extend one leg and opposite arm, keeping abs tight.


Standing Rotation

Feet are hip-width apart. Move torso all the way to one side while holding a light weight and keeping your lower body stationary, abs tight.


Lunge And Twist

Feet are hip- width apart again. Lunge forward and twist torso to each side.

Beginners should, of course, start slow but the goal is to do each exercise with 30 reps at least 3 times a week.



Add Resistance

You can also add resistance to your workout by using a Bungee Cord which allows you more freedom of movement than hand weights do. The lower you hold the band during your Core Workout, the better the resistance will be. Another tip for the brave is standing on a folded towel, it makes your muscles work harder.


Next time you work out remember that you need to include a Core Workout for overall strength and balance.



  1. This is so true. After my back surgery, my surgeon told my husband that I really needed to strengthen my core. (I was still unconscious from the surgery, so I was later thrilled to find out that the surgeon was telling my very fit husband that I needed to work on my abs) Um, yeah, I think he already knows that…Anyway, it does go a long way in preventing injury. I’m still working on those abs…

  2. These seem so simple and doable! I usually stay away from posts that are telling you how to exercise because they seem overwhelming. (Besides, I know I need to move more…don’t need a lesson, I need a kick in the pants!) 🙂 But I actually got up and tried a few of these. Easy peasy!
    (haha, I just looked below and saw that what will show up under my name is that I just posted on Apple Pie Filling. Appropriate)

    1. I am all about moderation and the least amount of time. These are exercises I do myself that help alot. Who doesn’t love apple pie:)

  3. Never knew that a strong core equals balance. Wow, The human body is amazing. I should start doing some core exercises. I’m not really into exercising except running. but these don’t seem to be hard I’ll try them out starting with the exercise in the second picture. That one seems fairly easy, i hope it is.

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