3 Biggest Workout Mistakes To Avoid

workout mistakesAre You Making These Workout Mistakes?

The new year is here and that means there are thousands of people out there that have made it their resolution to get fit and healthy. That’s great, but when you’re new to working out you might not realize that there’s more to it than just jumping on a treadmill or grabbing some weights. With all of those newly inspired fitness enthusiasts, there are bound to be more mistakes being made as well. If you’re just about to embark on your journey towards fitness, make sure that you don’t make any of these common mistakes that often catch out beginners.

  • Workout Mistake #1: Not Having The Right Gear

If you’re just going to the gym to run on the treadmill for a bit then you don’t need to spend loads of money on it. Those old trainers in the back of the cupboard will do just fine, won’t they? Absolutely not! This is a huge mistake that people often make and it can have serious consequences. If you start doing high impact exercise like running and you don’t have the right supportive footwear, you’ll soon find yourself with an injury.

workout mistakes

When you first start out you want to get some good quality shoes, and probably some insoles as well to give you extra support. Visit this website to find the best ones. If you’re going to do some heavy weight lifting, make sure that you’ve got a decent pair of gloves and a belt as well. If you aren’t sure what equipment you should be using for a certain exercise, just ask a personal trainer.


  • Workout Mistake #2: Skipping The Warm Up

There are a couple of reasons that people skip the warm-up; there are the people that think that, because they’re lifting weights rather than doing the cardio activity, they don’t need to bother. Then there are the people that think that the first 5 minutes of their cardio will count as the warm-up.

Both of them are wrong. Lifting weights without stretching out your muscles is the easiest way to pull them which will put you out of action for a while. Equally, launching into a heavy run right away is going to leave you with tight legs for days. You need to start out with a brisk walk on the treadmill and build it up to a jog, then get off and stretch out before going into the proper workout.

workout mistakes

  • Workout Mistakes #3: Repeating The Same Workout

Once you’ve been to the gym a few times you’ll learn to spot these people, you’ll usually find them on the bicep curl machines. They think that they’ll look great as long as they’ve got big arms, so they’ll neglect the rest of their body and just do bicep curls for an hour every day. Their arms will get big, but the rest of them will stay the same and they’ll look straight up weird. If you actually want to lose weight and be healthy and look good, you need to work all parts of your body equally. This also gives each area time to recover before you start working it again.

3 Biggest Workout Mistakes To Avoid

Avoid these 3 Workout Mistakes and you’ll be a gym expert in no time.


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