4 Great Reasons To Just Keep Swimming



Swimming Benefits

Freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, or backstroke. Whichever stroke takes your fancy, it is generally said that swimming is an easy way to keep in shape. It is one of the most accessible, safe and beneficial forms of exercise. Professionals opt for permanent hair removal, a six day a week training regime and a protein heavy diet. But this isn’t necessary for beginners. So now might be the time to test the waters. Dive in and reap the physical and mental health benefits associated with one of the nation’s favourite sports.



  • Learning  swimming  properly could save your life, quite literally:



Research has shown that almost half of Americans overestimate their swimming capabilities. We can’t emphasise the importance of water competency enough. On average, ten Americans die from accidental drowning every day. Swim classes teach you the basic strokes, but they can also introduce you to other important factors when it comes to being in the water. They will teach you the correct procedure for entering and exiting the water, how to tread water, breathing techniques and sinking and surfacing techniques.

 This means that you have a much lower risk of coming into trouble in the water. In regards to general survival, this alone is a pretty good reason to give it a go.




  • Swimming is a low impact sport with extensive health benefits:



Regardless of your current fitness level, chances are swimming is suitable for you. Water can support up to 90% of your body weight, so the sport is ideal for most people. The old, disabled, obese, injured or arthritic tend to favour the sport.

Whatever your fitness level, there’s a water-based health regime out there for you. Water is much denser than air. This means that you can achieve a greater work- out in the water than you could ever get outside of it. Whilst improving your coordination, the all-over workout also improves endurance and cardiovascular capabilities.



  • Alone Or With A Group

Whether you like to exercise alone or with others, swimming caters to all. Most gyms and local pools have designated areas for different types of swimmers. There will be lanes for those intent on completing their lengths. There are also areas for those who wish to swim widths at their own leisurely pace and family pools with slides. This means you can go it alone, only focusing on the exercise itself, or you can make your swim an eventful day out. Why not ask your friends to test the water with you? Or treat the kids out to a fun-filled day at the local baths?

  • Mental Benefits


The mental benefits associated with a trip to the local swimming baths are profuse. Water offers one of the closest possible experiences to weightlessness. This means that swimming could take the weight of the world off your shoulders.

The rhythmic movement of the strokes is almost meditative. A toned body and growing confidence in the water also work wonders for your confidence and self-esteem.


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