4 Great Reasons Why You Need An Electric Bike

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Whats Popular In Cycling: Electric Bike

If you’ve ever ridden a bike before, you will know that it can be, at times, a strenuous physical activity. Cycling long distances is a great way to exercise. But, many of us find that as much as we would like to get out on our bike more, it just isn’t practical enough. Many people will hop in their car for a commute to work over taking their bike, even if it means long hours stuck in traffic.

That being said, electric bikes have begun to revolutionise the cycling world. They are found mainly in progressive European cities such as Berlin or Utrecht in the Netherlands, and also China. They work by having a small motor attached which assists the rider’s own physical efforts.

This means they are a popular hybrid between exercise and a way to travel at reasonable speed. They tend to be able to reach a maximum of 20 miles per hour, which is partially what constitutes them as still being a push bike rather than a moped. But how do you know if an electric bike is for you?



Hundreds of people sit in traffic every single day on their way to work. This is incredibly frustrating, especially if you are always arriving late to work anyway. Additionally, sitting in a car all morning, only to sit in an office all day, to then sit in a car for a bit longer on the way home isn’t particularly inspiring.

Spending time outdoors has been shown to boost creativity, productivity and improve our general mood. Using an assisted electric bike can offer you a more scenic and healthy commute on top of avoiding being stuck in traffic

Getting fit

For many people, trying a new form of exercise can be intimidating, especially if you have some existing health problems. Back and knee problems and respiratory issues such as asthma are the main causes behind why people are put off cycling. Electric bikes can be a great option if you suffer from ill health as they can improve your fitness without adding too much extra pressure on your body.

Carrying Things

Electric bikes first appeared on the scene in the US in 1999, and since then they have gone through many developments to make them more streamlined and practical. That being said, they are still a fair bit heavier than your regular pushbike, so you will need to be willing to flex your muscles a little bit!

However, you can buy various add-ons for your electric bike such as mini trailers – perfect if you are going to work. Just make sure everything is covered in your bicycle insurance if you are going to go down this route.


Travelling long distance

Whether you use your e-bike for commuting or for leisure riding, you will find that one charge of the battery goes a long way. A basic e-bike model can travel around 20 miles on one charge, whilst more advanced styles can go for even more. Make sure you plan your journeys ahead so you know you’ll have enough charge.

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    An electric bicycle is working by a battery and is favored and chosen by more and more persons today. So many men would like to keep electric bikes rather than ordinary cars or bikes because an electric bike is environmentally friendly and has numerous benefits. Thanks for this wonderful article. 🙂

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