4 Healthy Lifestyles You Want To Know About


Exploring Healthy Lifestyles

There are lots of different Healthy Lifestyles that are popular today. Personally, I don’t care much for labels. I think they tend to exclude and judge those who live a different way. My lifestyle is healthy, though I don’t adopt just one particular philosophy. My way is to take a little from all of them if I’m being honest. felt the different options were worth exploring.

The Crunchy Movement

I am sure we have all heard the term “Crunchy” and maybe not really known what it means to be crunchy. I am definitely among that group. I have even said how tired I was of hearing the word. I’m sure you know I  had to know what it was all about.

Being Crunchy started in the sixties as a movement toward being environmentally aware and choosing Natural Foods. Of course by Hippies! I wish that had been my time. The movement has evolved and what it basically means is to abandon the mainstream way of life and live naturally in a total sort of way. A crunchy person will always look for another way.

If you are crunchy, you don’t vaccinate, don’t use modern medicines. You home-school, use cloth diapers, home birth, co-sleep(sleep together), use fertility signals opposed to birth control. compost, breast Feeding etc.

While that may seem extreme to some I can see aspects of it that are used by many people.



We all pretty much know Vegetarians don’t eat meat and maybe you didn’t know there are a few different types of Vegetarians. Who knew? Here are the different types:


Eat dairy but no Meat, Poultry, Seafood or Fish


Eat Milk products but no Eggs, Meat, Poultry or Seafood




Vegans eat only Plant Foods. They don’t eat Animal Products at all which includes Milk Products, Eggs, Honey, and Gelatin.


This is a lifestyle choice I definitely resonate with. It is a way of living- whole. Holistic believe that total well-being happens when you treat all of your parts as one. The philosophy is that the Mind, Body, and Spirit are connected and when your balance and energy are in sync, it improves your health.


There is value in all of these Healthy Lifestyle choices. Whether you chose to follow just one or adopt certain aspects from each. Furthermore,while I do agree with bonding with people who share your lifestyle, It’s is important to be open to people who choose a different way. Be Healthy

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