5 Aqua Workouts To Step Up Your Fitness Routine

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How To Get Stronger With Aqua Workouts


It’s so important to have variety in your workouts. The number one reason I believe people give up on fitness is boredom. So I am always on the lookout for interesting workouts to keep you interested. Fitness should be fun and what is more fun than spending time in the pool!

Aqua Workouts have been around since the 80’s and I’m sure you remember Water Ballet and then Aerobics. Well ,today they are more popular than ever and there are many different Aqua Workouts to try.




The Benefits Of Aqua Workouts


Besides it being fun Aqua Workouts add benefits not found in our usual routine. Water Workouts offer 12 times the resistance as land workouts and you don’t feel it. It is like being engulfed in weights which make it so much more beneficial and intense. I am sure as a child you have tried to run in water. It was difficult but it didn’t hurt.

You don’t feel gravity as much under water so you have more range of movement which dramatically enhances Flexibility. It is low-impact and easier on your joints, which lessens your chances of injury and strain. The water makes you feel like you aren’t working at all and what’s more fun than that plus it cools you, feels infinitely more relaxing.


Health Wise

Water Workouts are good for your health. This form of exercise is often recommended to the Elderly to stay fit without overexertion as well as those who suffer from Chronic Illnesses. Here are some more Health Benefits you didn’t know about:

  • Builds Stamina
  • Increases Strength
  • Burns Fat
  • Improves Circulation
  • Heals Muscles



Aqua Workouts To Try

Aqua Spin

Unlike traditional spin classes the stationary bike has only 3 levels for resistance. The intervals are similar and your upper body stays above the water. It is definitely more challenging than Spin Workouts in the gym! You will feel it afterward.


Aqua Yoga



Typically used with six Yoga poses. The water helps the moves to be easier to make because of the heightened range of movement.





Aqua Strength

Basically, utilizes Weight Training exercises in a circuit routine. This workout uses equipment specially made for the water such as Water Dumbbells, Hydro Boots, Webbed Gloves and Noodles.


Aqua Jogging

Running in water is difficult but so beneficial. It is often used for Athletes who have injuries. It is an amazing Cardio workout that lessens your chances of muscle injuries runners often face like tearing, shinsplints.

Aqua Aerobics

We all need Cardio to keep our bodies Heart-Healthy and Aqua Aerobics has been around for years and a fun, energetic workout that doesn’t involve as much bouncing as other Aerobic routines on land.




Swimming has long been a form of exercise that works your whole body yet leaves you feeling energized and relaxed. Water has amazing recuperative qualities in addition to being soothing. There are so many different options offered today that you should definitely add Aqua Workouts to your fitness regime today!


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