5 Calories Free Ways To Enjoy Your Day



What Are Calories?


The word ‘calories’ is everywhere – from counting them to making sure you’re getting enough of them, calories are a part of our everyday lives. But what exactly are they? Well, a calorie isn’t something that can be seen or felt as such; it’s actually a unit of measurement, and what it measures is energy.

It’s an easy way of working out how much energy your body will get from eating or drinking a particular thing. We need calories because we need energy, but too many calories and our bodies can’t handle all that energy – so it turns it to fat instead to be used some other time.

And again, our bodies do need a little fat to get us through those days when we don’t get enough to eat. But too many calories on a regular basis leads to fat that the body simply doesn’t need, and can’t get rid of.

So if you are looking at lowering the number of calories you consume in a day but still want to enjoy your food and drink, we’ve got just the solution.

How To Enjoy A Calorie Free Day


Lemon Water



We know water on its own can be dull, dull, dull. And yet it is so good for us that we really do need to be drinking more of it. Plus it has no calories. Luckily, lemons don’t have any calories in them either, so popping a couple of slices into your glass of plain old tap water will give it a new lease of life.




Or why not leave the water and lemons in the fridge in a covered jug overnight to really get the best taste out of it?




Oolong Tea

Zero calories oolong tea is a gift when it comes to lowering your calorie intake. It is zingy and fresh and it tastes like something halfway between green and black tea.

It packs a healthy punch since it is full of antioxidants and can even boost your metabolism which leads to weight loss (although exercising and eating will also needs to happen). It lowers cholesterol and promotes a healthy heart too. Is there nothing oolong can’t do?




As a snack and a treat, you can’t go far wrong with watermelon. It’s calorie-free so you can pretty much eat as much as you want to, and it tastes amazing. There is nothing better than lying out in the sun nibbling at a big old slice of watermelon, is there? And even when the weather isn’t going your way, there’s nothing wrong with snacking on something that makes you think of long, lazy summer days.




Apples are another fruit that contains no calories, and they’re so easily portable that they make a great lunchtime treat too. We don’t eat as many apples as an adult as we did as a kid, so it might be you’ve simply forgotten how great these little green and red balls of deliciousness really taste. Take a bite of one today and you’ll see what we mean. And remember, an apple a day keeps the dietician away.





Tomatoes, those fruits that we eat like vegetables, are amongst the healthiest foods we can get. A fresh tomato salad will set you up for the tasks ahead of you, and won’t sneak any calories in either.

There are lots of options that aren’t high in calories!

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