Weight Loss Tips: 5 Food Switches That Save Calories

weight loss tips

Weight Loss Tips That Cut Calories You’ll Love


Being slim is the dream of all women. But sometimes you wonder how women can stick to their salad diet? It’s more than a motivation problem. It’s understanding that food is key to a healthy diet, and while you will need to eat less of what you like to lose weight, there’s nothing that says that you shouldn’t enjoy your food! All you need is some smart food switches.

Weight Loss Tips #1. Eat Wholemeal Instead Of White

Whole grain food is naturally healthier for your body as it has not been refined. This means that you are eating a fiber-rich food that is full of nutrients – this is something that don’t find in white refined grains. Unless you are suffering from a form of gluten intolerance, you should keep to a daily intake of gluten products such as pasta or bread, as they help to control blood sugar and to facilitate digestion. Be careful to read the label as the brown color is not always an indication of whole grain: It could be brown sugar, for example.  

Weight Loss Tips #2. Look At Fat-Reduced Alternatives For Milk   

Whole milk, while adding a fantastic flavor to sauces and puddings, is a high source of fat and calories when consumed in your daily cappuccino. You should look for fat-reduced alternatives, especially if your milk and dairy intake is limited to a splash in a hot drink or a cupful of cream in your dish.

Fat-free milk will provide a great option for drinks and even for your breakfast with a bowl of cereals! Not a fan of cereals? Try blending a handful of berries with a cup of fat-free milk to create delicious smoothies. Additionally, you will find cream alternatives, such as the light creamers which gives all the taste without any of the calories!

Weight Loss Tip#3. Eat Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are naturally rich in vitamins and fiber and contain less calories than white potatoes. Naturally good to help you reduce blood pressure and keep your bones healthy, sweet potatoes also represent 400% of your daily requirements in vitamin A, which keeps your body strong against the attack of carcinogens and toxins.

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Weight Loss Tips#4. Choose Water When You Are Thirsty

It’s easy to grab a can of soda when you are feeling thirsty, but this is a bad habit that you should ditch now. Not only are soda drinks full of sugar and fat, but they don’t keep your body hydrated, and therefore don’t quench your thirst. Consequently, looking for water or even flavored water alternatives is the best way to help your body against dehydration.

Weight Loss Tips #5. Fruits Instead Of Baked Desserts

Having a slice of cake, or a pre-made pudding in a pot, can sometimes be the highlight of the meal. However, this is also a way to become addicted to sugar and damage your tasting buds, without mentioning the hundreds of calories that you are consuming!

So, stay away from the cake and learn to appreciate the taste of fresh fruits, as they are not only healthier but will also keep you feeling full for longer. It may take some time before your tasting buds are cleared of all sugary residue but this is an effort that is worth doing for your own sake!

Our favorite weight loss tips are those that make sense. You can still enjoy your favorite foods by tweaking a few things in your diet and lifestyle.


  1. Eating lots of fruits and drinking only water when I m thirsty does a job for me. I easily gain weight so discipline is big part of my life. Thanks for sharing these great tips!

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