6 Tips for Happy and Healthy Feet This Summer

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How To Have Healthy Feet

If there is one part of the body we tend to neglect it is our feet. But, when summer comes around, and we find ourselves wearing flip-flops more often, it is a good time to give your feet a bit of TLC. Here are some top tips to help you out:


6 Healthy Feet Tips

  • Limber up – Happy feet need to move and be nimble. This requires doing stretches to make sure your feet limber. A good example is to write the alphabet with your toes pointed. To stretch your calf and ankle, you should extend your knee, put a towel over the ball of your foot, and pull your toes toward you. And finally, it’s a good idea to roll your feet over a tennis ball for a few minutes per day to massage your arches.


  • Maintain a healthy weight – Now is a good idea to re-evaluate your diet.  Maintaining a healthy weight is vital for your feet. After all, your feet are your body’s key support system, which means they can take a lot of weight. In fact, for every extra pound you gain, it mains that there are an added three pounds of pressure in your ankle region.


  • Don’t dismiss foot pain as a natural result of getting old – As we get older, we tend to dismiss pain and discomfort as a natural part of aging. While your age can contribute to clawing of the toes, developing bunions, and aches and pains, you still need to see a specialist for assistance. If you have any older relatives, look out for any signs of mobility issues, as it’s likely they won’t bring it up themselves.



  • If your loved one is in the care of one of the home health agencies in the area and it seems that they are having trouble getting around or their feet are aching more than usual, talk to one of the care workers to see if they have noticed and get them to conduct a thorough check-up. Of course, if you are the main carer for your loved one, this is something you will have to organize yourself. Finding a local podiatrist should not be too much trouble.

  • Change your shoes – Do you have a tendency to wear the same shoes all of the time? This isn’t wise for foot health. You should never wear the same shoes two days in a row. It puts repeated pressure on identifying areas of the foot, and this can lead to misalignment problems and irritation. It is essential to choose well-fitting, supportive footwear that features natural fabrics that allow your feet to breathe.


  • Seek out substantial soles – Ultra-thin bottoms are a nightmare for the feet, as there is basically nothing between the street and your feet. Make sure you choose a style of footwear that has a solid bottom that is going to act as a shock absorber.


  • Choose leather – A final tip is to choose shoes that are made from genuine leather. Natural fibers such as leather breath, stretch, flex, and mold to the shape of your foot. This means that leather shoes promote natural movement, as the shoe conforms to the uniqueness of your foot.

6 Tips for Happy and Healthy Feet This Summer

Put your feet first this summer with the tips we have for you above. From maintaining a healthy weight to practicing daily exercises, follow the advice mentioned, and you can ensure you have healthy feet this summer!

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