7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get Cosmetic Surgery



Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is pretty much the norm these days. People are having treatments left and right and centre. They’re changing the shape of their noses, the size of their breasts, and even making their eyebrows appear higher. 

There’s no end to a number of cosmetic procedures you can actually get. However, just because they are now commonplace, doesn’t mean it’s something you should do. Here are 7 reasons you shouldn’t get cosmetic surgery:


Surgery Doesn’t Fix Underlying Issues

Usually, people who have surgery are suffering from underlying issues that should be addressed before a decision like this is made. Surgery does not solve the underlying issues. You may feel good for a while after surgery, but then you may want more surgery because your issues haven’t been addressed properly.

 You may have problems with self-worth and esteem, as well as confidence and feeling good enough. Make sure you have explored these issues before you make a decision like this. Not everybody has these issues, but it’s worth looking into.


It’s A Lot Of Money

Surgery is a lot of money. There are options for people who may not have the money up front right away, but you could still put that money to better use. People spend so much money on their appearance and still don’t feel any better afterwards.




More Surgery

When you speak to most people about their history with cosmetic surgery, you’ll usually find out that they haven’t just had the one procedure. Some people need corrective surgery later on. Some experience problems right at the start. Some decide they want more surgery as they like how it makes them feel.


Getting Addicted

With surgery, it’s easy to get addicted to the results and the initial feeling. This means you get addicted to it, and end up going too far. You see all kinds of celebrities who have messed with themselves one too many times.

 Some look puffy, some look misshapen, and some look nothing like they once did. This is probably because they have underlying issues, as mentioned earlier. Having surgery is all well and good if you’re going into it with a good attitude and realistic expectations, but not if you don’t like yourself to begin with.




There Are Lots of Things That Can Go Wrong


Surgery is surgery, which means there are lots of things that can go wrong. Don’t think that these things won’t happen to you. All you need to do is look at surgical error claims and you’ll see things go wrong all the time. You must be prepared.


It Isn’t As Permanent Like You Might Think

Altering your appearance surgically isn’t necessarily permanent. Some breast implants, for instance, will need to be replaced after 10 years or so. Liposuction can show off a new svelte physique, but fat can return within the year!




There Are Lots of Other Options


It isn’t your only option. There is lovely push up bras, clever makeup tricks, and healthy lifestyles that can help you to look and feel incredible!


  1. Cosmetic surgery is not my preference. A falsification from which anyone could try to convince others but what about inner self, the actual age that a person cant hide. No body controls time.

  2. Surgery is dangerous and if there’s no real need for it, it shouldn’t been done. You made really good point.

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