8 Free Health, Fitness And Wellness Apps That Rock!


8 Free Health, Fitness, And Wellness Apps You Need Right Now!

We are a Technology Culture now and spend a big chunk of our time attached to our Cell Phones! I would guess most of us have so many apps installed we barely have any storage space. It’s incredible, right? There’s almost nothing you can’t do on your phone now.

So what apps do you use most? Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram would probably be the most common answers but with everyone worldwide shifting to Healthy Lifestyles it only makes sense we would see a rise in phone apps to aid us in our Health, Fitness, and Wellness goals. I have compiled a small list of these apps that I find amazing and I’m sure you will too!



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Zombies Run

This health app is a game for runners that is super fun. It tracks your progress with GPS while making you part of the story, which is, of course, zombie related. You can also use your own music.



Time is an issue for us all especially when it comes to working out. This app is perfect with oodles of workouts and exercises that are less than ten minutes. Perfect for a lunch break!


Daily Yoga

For my yoga fans, this is great. It’s loaded with classes for every fitness goal and level of skill. There is also hundred of poses featured with detailed instruction.



I love this one. Instead of scanning the labels you simply scan the item and this health app will provide you with the health information you need.


My Fitness Pal

This one has been around for a while and its amazing. It tracks what you’re eating along with nutrition and colorie information so you can keep on track with healthy eating.


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If you are just beginning with Meditation, this is for you. Ten-minute Meditations for every day as well as, alerts. There is also a social aspect much like a buddy system where you meditate with your friends.



Omvana is all about the tunes for meditation. You can also access guided sessions


Fabulous-Motivate Me

I love this app! You enter in your healthy activities and it sends you fun alerts to remind you. It is like having a Personal Assistant for staying healthy.





Getting healthy has never been easier. How amazing is it that we can do it right from our phones? I hope you will give some of these health apps a try and let me know what you think. What apps do you have downloaded to your phone?


  1. I am totally digging the idea of the zombie one. That might be what it takes to get me to run. Checking it out now. I’ve been meaning to check out “The Fabulous”, too. I’ve had a few friends use it and like it, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Great motivation–thanks!

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