Beyond Acne: 4 Facial Skin Issues You Need To Know About

facial skin issues4 Facial Skin Issues Besides Acne

A huge amount of attention is given to acne; it’s arguably the best-known facial skincare problem of them all. It receives so much focus — and has inspired so many products — one could be convinced that acne is the only thing that can go wrong with the tender skin on your face.

For some women, they know the truth; acne is just the beginning. In fact, compared to some of the facial skincare conditions, acne would be downright preferable. Rather than focusing once again on the most-discussed skincare malady, let’s expand the scope and learn a little about the lesser-known facial skincare issues.


Rosacea is a little-understood of all the facial skin issues in medical terms; no one conclusively knows what causes it. Sufferers, however, are well aware of the damage it can cause. Rosacea involves reddening of the face, often accompanied by a burning or itching sensation. It can be painful, and can sometimes result in pustules forming. While not dangerous, rosacea is unpleasant and can be difficult to hide even with the most determined foundation. The condition is usually managed rather than cured.  


There’s no doubt that warts on face areas and the jawline can cause a significant amount of distress to the sufferer. Not in and of themselves — most warts are painless and benign — but due to the way they impact appearance and self-esteem. Anyone can experience warts at any time, so if you notice any skin thickening or tightening, it might be time to see a dermatologist. Warts are very treatable, so there’s no need to suffer through them in silence.

Beyond Acne: Facial Skin Issues


Hyperpigmentation is one of the facial skin issues can affect anyone, though it is more likely on dark skin tones. It causes the skin to become dappled in appearance, with darker and lighter shades rather than a single, uniform skin tone. Most sufferers tend to hide rather than treat the condition, as treatment is often invasive and expensive. The condition is not painful and is rarely progressive. Unlike rosacea, hyperpigmentation covers up well with makeup, usually as the areas of higher pigment levels are still relatively close to the normal skin tone — the redness caused by rosacea is starker in comparison.


If you have a birthmark, then you’re almost certainly aware of it. As the name suggests, we tend to be born with the marks, though they have nothing to do with the actual process of birth itself. Birthmarks aren’t dangerous or progressive, but many people with them tend to undergo treatment to reduce the appearance of the mark. Like rosacea, the redness of a birthmark tends to be rather stark, so removal or reduction is the best option if you’re self-conscious.

It’s also worth noting that many birthmarks fade over time, so if you’re in your teens, you might only need to wait a few years for the mark to pale of its own accord.


Remember: if you are self-conscious about any facial skin issues, there is always something that can be done to control them. Whether it’s acne or a lesser-known condition, seek the assistance of a dermatologist and put yourself back in control.

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