Actions To Take If You’re Not Happy With Your Doctor


Are You Unhappy With Your Doctor?

It can happen to everyone from time to time, and it is a situation which can be caused by a huge number of reasons. When you are not happy with your doctor, for whatever reason, you might well be wondering what you can actually do about it. As it turns out, you do have a surprising number of options, but you need to make sure that you are aware of what is really open to you, and what you should probably avoid at all costs. If you are in the situation of being disappointed with the care you have received, then consider the following courses of action as soon as possible.

Ask For A Second Opinion

If the problem is simply that you are not happy with a diagnosis, then you can of course always seek a second opinion. It doesn’t even have to be a diagnosis to lead you to this option. You might just feel that your doctor is not really listening to you or that they are brushing you off slightly. This is never a nice feeling, and it can sometimes get in the way of genuine care, so you should be prepared to ask to see another doctor if you feel uncomfortable with your current one. This is a right you always have as a patient, so exercise it as you see fit.

File A Complaint

It might be that you genuinely feel your doctor has done something serious which needs to be reported. It might be a serious breach of trust, a breach of confidentiality, or it could even be the kind of thing you’d call injury lawyers for. Whatever it is, if you think they have done something seriously wrong, you should not be afraid to file an official complaint against them. If nobody ever complains when such things occur, then nobody ever receives the punishment they deserve, so you are not just doing yourself a favor here. It is likely you will help to save a future patient from the same kind of turmoil.


Tell Them

If it is relatively minor as an infraction, and you still feel comfortable with them, then there might be much to gain from just explaining to them carefully that you feel you have been let down. Tell them what it is that you think has happened, and do so in a level manner with a calm tone of voice. You might be surprised at the reaction this evokes. Of course, there is always the chance that they will become defensive, in which case you can arguably then file a complaint anyway.

But you might also be able to put the whole matter to rest there and then, in which case you can much more effectively maintain and retain the quality of your relationship with that professional. This is always worth trying if you feel that you can.

Actions To Take If You're Not Happy With Your Doctor


Remember the above options if you are ever disappointed with your doctor, as you never know when you might need to take any of these actions.

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