Are You Addicted? Three Questions You Need To Ask Yourself


Are You Addicted To Your Hobbies?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy life and the fun things that life can bring. Having hobbies and things that we like to do can be really good for you. It can give you time out and help you to learn, as well as relax and unwind. But there can become quite a fine line between an activity or hobby and becoming addicted. A lot of people think that addictions are only for the things that are really bad for us.

Things like gambling, pornography or smoking, for example. But it could be something like the need to check your social media feed, the need to watch Netflix, eating chocolate, and even exercise. We can become addicted to many different things, depending on our likes and personality. But it is important to realize when you are addicted to something, and then you can do something about it.



How Important Is It?

First of all, you need to think about how important something is to you. If you find that you have to function with it all of the time, then it plays an important role in your life. Think about how many other things you aren’t doing because of this thing. If it is taking over your life, then the chances are that you could be addicted to it.


How Does It Make You Feel?


Then you need to think about how it makes you feel. The chances are you are going to be addicted to something that makes you feel good, at least initially. Does doing the thing you are addicted to, make you feel worse? It could be that you feel like you need to weigh yourself all of the time and are really particular about food and portion control. You might even feel like you enjoy binging and then purging. If you find that you have an addiction like this, then you might need to get help at somewhere like Compass Health Center. When it takes over your life, then it is an issue that you need to deal with.


Is It a Disruption?

Is your life disrupted because of a particular thing? Does it affect your family relationships? If you are a visual person, then imagine an old filing system that there might have been at school or at home. If each folder in there is an aspect or your life, are you constantly filling up the ‘Facebook’ folder instead of the ‘family’ folder, for example? If you are, then it won’t be long until room will run out in the cabinet for anything other than the ‘Facebook’ folder. So you need to understand its prevalence. You might not think that you are hurting anyone by being on social media all of the time. But really, you are just hurting yourself.

If you think that you are answering yes to a lot of these questions, then you are more than likely addicted to something. The good news is that it doesn’t have to last. Make changes in your life and seek professional help if needed.

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