Aging : 3 Important Things We Often Neglect As We Get Older

olderThe Truth About Getting Older

There are many things to think about as you get older. Whether you’re reading this as a 65-year-old on the brink of retirement or you are 25, and you need to consider the best ways to care for your body and mind, there is plenty to discuss. What we neglect as we get older is a massive subject, but there are practical concerns, and there are also emotional concerns too. Let’s look in more detail.



Do You Have A Support Network Around You?

The oldest person in the world, Emma Morano, recently passed away, and when asked about her secret to longevity, she apparently stated that, apart from two raw eggs a day, that leaving her husband was the secret to her long and fruitful life. Now, even though she was single for her life, that’s not to say, she didn’t have a support network of friends and family around her!


Many people get lonely, and this can cause undue stress. Making sure you have a network of people you can call on is vital to longevity. Whether you have family, friends, or the neighbor, these are people that you will come to rely on as you age.

Think About Your Living Arrangements

As you age, your faculties will decrease, such as your eyesight and hearing, and you may need a little extra support in a professional sense. It’s inevitable that health problems increase as time goes on, and you will need ways to alert the emergency services. And if you have a lavish house, it may be time to think about moving into a smaller property which makes it easier for you to move around.


Time at home inevitably increases, but it shouldn’t stop you from leading an active life. Looking at the 2017 consumer reports for medical alert systems shows that older people are much more active now, and that is great. But you need to think about what your limits are in a physical sense so you can minimize the number of accidents you could have at home.

Keeping Your Brain Active Is So Important

Not just for your health, but for your sanity! As there are more cases of age-related dementia and Alzheimer’s disease now, it is important in your younger years to find ways to prevent this. And your diet is one of the more important things to think about in this instance. Look at your diet, if it is full of processed foods and sugar, it will have such a massive impact on, not just your brain, but your emotional state.



Eating foods that are high in good fats, like olive oil, eggs, avocado, and meat direct from the butcher are ways to keep your brain healthy. Don’t forget, your brain is made up of a lot of fat! And if you don’t like doing the crossword because it is too difficult, do one that you enjoy, as you are still giving your brain a workout. And don’t forget the benefits of exercise on your brain too!


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