Too Much Alcohol Over Holiday Season? Here’s What You Need To Do Now


How To Recover From Too Much Alcohol Over The Holidays

If you have been overdoing it over the past few weeks, you are in a very good company. Many of us enjoy a few drinks during the holiday season and often drink way more than we normally do. And, it should come as no surprise that your body won’t be in as great a shape as it might have been in early November. In today’s guide, I’m going to reveal some of the best tips out there that will help you recover from Christmas excess – let’s get started with the basics.

Visit your doctor


First of all, I am not a medical expert, so please pay your doctor a visit. If you have been drinking a lot of alcohol, you may have damaged your liver and kidneys, and could even have triggered an addiction. There is no room for messing around, here, so a quick check up and talk with your doctor is the best way to start off your new year.


Seek help if you need it


If you have had alcohol addiction problems in the past, it’s going to be critical to sort yourself out quickly. The holiday season can be tough for recovering alcoholics, and it’s not uncommon for relapses to occur. Don’t hesitate and find help as soon as possible. The quicker you start treatment again, the sooner you can carry on with your life in a healthy way. Aim to start earning those Alcoholics Anonymous tokens sooner, rather than later, and your body will recover.



Forget about abstaining for a month


A lot of people think they can recover by not drinking for a month, but this simply isn’t true. Yes, of course not drinking at all will improve your liver’s condition, but it’s pointless if you jump into February with a glass in hand once more. And if you want to repair a lot of the liver damage you have caused, it will take a minimum of 6 months of no drinking at all, not a single sober month. You are far better off drinking on the odd occasion, but ensuring you are alcohol-free for 3-4 days every week, all across the year.


Get some exercise


Drinking alcohol in vast quantities means you will put on weight – it’s as simple as that. So, make sure that your New Year plans for working out a little more are set in stone. Turn up every day, do your workout, and stop making excuses. You will improve your appearance within a couple of weeks, and start making your body work better and more efficiently.


Get some sleep


Finally, alcohol upsets your REM sleep, which is vital to keep you in good shape throughout the day. Miss out on too much REM, and it can cause significant damage. You will feel tired, of course, but you can also start hallucinating, lose cognitive function, and you might even end up with depression. Make sure you are catching up on all those missed hours of sleep by turning in a little early and forming a better sleep pattern.


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