Alternative Medicine : Why We Love It And You Should Too



The Rise Of Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine has become immensely popular and with good reason. Even Hospitals and Mainstream Medicine recommend complimenting conventional treatment with Alternative Treatments. That should be noted and especially my opinion that it shouldn’t replace Traditional Medicine.

Why are people turning to Alternative Medicine? Reports show that some of it is due to it being natural and therefore side effects lessen. I know I would rather avoid medicine if I can.

There is also the Mind-Body factor. The realization that our minds are connected to how our body works is the real deal. Maybe you don’t really know much about it. I am here to help you navigate!

Alternative Medicine


Ayurveda is thousands of years old and comes originally from India. You can find it’s rooted in Chinese and Tibetian Medicine. They call it “The Science Of Life”. It gives the wisdom to help people stay healthy while realizing all they can achieve. It incorporates Environment, Body, Mind, and Spirit.

They believe the body is made up of three energies. Movement, Transformation, and Structure. They are otherwise known as Wind, Fire, and Earth or Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. We all have each of these but usually one tends to dominate.

  • Wind: thin, energetic, changeable
  • Fire: intense, intelligent, goal-oriented
  • Earth: easy-going, methodical, nurturing

There can be an imbalance and this Alternative Medicine method of treatment determines where it is and treat with Diet, Herbs, Aromatherapy, Massage, and Meditation.

Alternative Medicine


Its belief system is that the body can heal itself. This Alternative Medicine System is aimed at improving health, preventing disease, and treating illness with Food and Exercise. The belief that balance along with other Alternative Medicine and treatments from Homeopathic and Herbal Remedies.

They believe in Natural Therapies which include treating your lifestyle and eating habits and staying away from Conventional Treatments and Medicines. Practitioners try to find out what caused the problem, rather than just treat the symptoms. Most of the Illnesses they treat are mild and will refer more serious illness to doctors if necessary.

Naturopaths practice fasting and aren’t in support of Vaccinating. The thought process being that because we Immunize, we don’t build a natural immunity to disease.

Alternative Medicine

Homeopathic Medicine

A big part of Alternative Medicine is Homeopathic Medicines. Homeopathy is the natural approach to medicine as their remedies are Plant-Based.

Homeopaths believe that you only take minimum amounts of medicine. They are made through many dilutions to reduce side effects. I have taken them and found it to be as effective as what we are used to.

Practitioners will usually only give you one remedy at a time so that they can measure and track your results. Often taking more than one medication can make things confusing.

So are you interested now? Alternative Medicine is amazing but with all treatments should be monitored by a professional and there are many Wellness Centers to choose from.



  1. I’m all about it! I use ayurvedic hair treatments as well and I am not into taking traditional medicine unless absolutely necessary. I always look for natural alternatives first.

    1. Me too I hadn’t heard of them. It was a real eye opener for me when I started with Holistic Medicine and totally true

  2. Thanks for the rundowns on each. I wasn’t exactly sure what these definitions was for these. I guess I need to try some ayurvedic hair treatments too now!

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