Amazing Truths About Sex And Your Health

how-tohave-more-sexandbe-healthy-1SEX IS IMPORTANT!

I know what your thinking, not a news flash!  Sex is great, of course, we all think that and we shouldn’t need to be reminded.  I believe at times we definitely do. here’s a list of the Health Benefits:

connects you

stress relief

heart healthy

glowing skin

burns calories

relieves pain

natural antihistamine

accelerates brain cell growth


If you watch Dr. Oz, who is a renowned Heart Surgeon, he says having sex three times a week is essential to Heart Health.

Studies show men under 60 think about it at least once a day and women not so much. I don’t know that I agree with that. But what we all can agree on is we are busy. Work, kids, bills, house, etc. It makes sense that sex gets placed low on the list. How often do we look at our partners and only see the stress of daily life? By the end of the day, we are just exhausted!






When we are young and carefree,we can’t think about it enough ,right? The truth is 20 percent of married couples have sex less than ten times a year. When couples have been together more than five or ten years it is quite common that Sex and Intimacy dwindle more and more over time. Lack of Intimacy can break down a relationship.


The experts say that it is very difficult to rekindle a sexless relationship. I don’t believe that. I have been through difficult times in my own Marriage and all it takes is the willingness to try. Here are some tips for getting the juices flowing again.

First of all its not instantaneous. You can’t just do it and think its fixed. You have to fix the disconnection first. 

You absolutely have to set aside time and be fully present with your partner. Which means no phones, no TV, no computers.


You should each make a wishlist of things you want from your partner sexually. We don’t always know what our partner truly want. It may be unreasonable but everything can be negotiated. Love is all about compromise.


Make a list of the things you love about your partner’s body. Over time things change and we need to know the attraction is still there. It makes me sad to see couples stop flirting with each other.

List what turns you on about your partner. Things they have done in the past that really lit your fire. Sometimes we just have to remember being lovers.


We all need to be touched. Affection is needed by us all and especially in love. It is said that you need 10 hugs a day to be emotionally happy. Casual touches and lingering kisses are so important to romantic health and Intimacy.


Your bedroom should be a safe haven for the two of you to escape from the world. Make it warm and relaxing. Distraction free. A getaway from the stresses of the day.

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  1. Oh yikes, couples have sex less than ten times per year? That’s less than once a month! I’m sure my husband will be happy to know Doctor Oz suggests at least three times a week for a healthy heart. lol. Thanks for enlightening me!

    1. Yes I love Dr. Oz and it’s entirely true. As great as we all think and know it is it gets put to the bottom of our list. Thanks for stopping by

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