Bad Day? Try These Awesome Mood Boosting Tips

How To Boost Your Mood


Bad Days Happen

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Sometimes it can feel like our lives are racing ahead of us at full throttle. We rarely get a moment to sit down and reflect on the day¬†or our lives – and sometimes it all gets a bit too much. If you are struggling to hold it together, whether that’s to do with work or your personal life, it may be time to sit back and see a doctor.

But, everyone is prone to bad days from time to time. It’s what makes us human – although it isn’t exactly fun! If you’ve had a rough day, here’s a few things you can do for an immediate pick me up that will help put the smile back on your face.


Mood Boosting Tips That Really Work

mood boostingRanting

Ranting kind of goes against the notion of wellness as a whole – after all, most wellness philosophies tell us to love one another and be peaceful. But, sometimes, it’s just got to be done!

If you have a lot of pent-up energy and anger about something (or a number of things) that have happened in your day, it can be therapeutic to get it all out.


Meet up with a good, trusted friend and tell them what has made you so mad. The idea is not that they try to change your mind on it – unless you are being very unreasonable, of course. But simply to listen, so you can say what you need to say and then move on. You will feel better straight away, and then you can put the day behind you and concentrate on having a nice evening.

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It’s now no secret that exercise is Mood Boosting by releasing endorphins. After a rubbish day, you might just want to go home and crawl into bed with a bag of popcorn and binge-watch Netflix. But, it is guaranteed that going for some exercise will make you feel better.

But, it is guaranteed that going for some exercise will make you feel better. Choose high-octane, high-intensity workouts as they will help you burn off stress quickly. A class such as Les Mills Body Combat is ideal for this kind of thing. Plus, if you still fancy that bag of popcorn when you get home, at least you can have it guilt free!

Take A Long Shower

The shower can be pretty underrated when it comes to its therapeutic values. As well as physically keeping you clean, many people finding that showering after a stressful day metaphorically washes away their troubles too.

In order to have the best possible shower, research the best water softener system to ensure that your water will leave you feeling refreshed. Bring some pampering goodies in with you and play your favourite music. Singing in the shower is a great way to lift your mood and have a little bit of a giggle to yourself.


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It’s no secret that meditation is good for you. It is more popular than it’s ever been in the Western world, and for good reason too. If you are having trouble concentrating during your meditations due to stress, try listening to a guided meditation. There are plenty of them available to listen to for free online, or you can download them onto your phone for meditation on the go. There is not greater tool for Mood Boosting than Meditation.

Bad days happen but they don’t have to get us down. I hope these Mood Boosting tips help.


  1. I agree, all of these are fantastic! I remember a few times coming home from work and kick boxing my frustrations out. It really works!! (Doesn’t hurt to imagine who you’re mad at either lol) ??

  2. I like that you included ranting. Seriously, it feels so much better to just get it off your chest. Exercise is another big one that changes my whole day. If I lay around too long I get so cranky, a quick run and I feel like a whole new person!

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