Beauty Myths That Are Overdue a Dispelling

beauty mythsBeauty Myths That Just Aren’t True

You’ve seen some common aging myths dispelled, and now it’s time to see some general beauty myths that are long overdue a dispelling dispelled too! Read on to find just a few of them.

Fake isn’t beautiful

In the modern world of beauty, there is a preconceived prejudice against those that take the ‘fake’ route in order to be beautiful. Basically, what this means is that people who are deemed to be ‘fake’ choose to take making beauty changes into their own hands (or put them in the hands of professionals) rather than letting nature take its course. And, basically, people that prefer to be au natural do not like it when people who are ‘fake’ in this way steal ‘their limelight’.

But, regardless of who thinks what of who or whatever route a certain person takes to feel beautiful, everybody is beautiful. Those who prefer to be au natural are beautiful. Those who are deemed to be ‘fake’ are beautiful. Those that lose weight through dieting and exercising have the right to feel proud of their new body and feel beautiful within it.

Those who have weight loss surgery, such as that provided at:, have the right to feel proud of their new body and feel beautiful within it. Those who small boobs, those how have big boobs and those who have boobs filled with silicone have the right to feel beautiful. Similarly, those with small lips, those with big lips and those with surgically-plumped lips have the right to feel beautiful.

Basically, everybody is beautiful and has the right to feel beautiful, whether they have taken a ‘fake’ route when it comes to beauty or not.

Having fun when young causes wrinkles when old

The fact that some young people refrain from having fun and smiling in order to save their faces for old age is the reason why this myth needs dispelling! It is absolutely absurd to think in this way and is a complete waste of time to do so, because it’s just not true. No, smiling does not cause wrinkles. So, carry on smiling!

beauty myths
Your skincare products must be from the same manufacturer

There is a rumor that the various creams, oils, lotions, and potions that you use in your beauty regime must be from the same line — as is the theme here, we’re here to tell you that this not true! No, you need not just stick to one trusted manufacturer of beauty products, such as Simple. Yes, you can use different ones in your daily beauty regime. In fact, by doing so you open yourself up to the possibility of benefiting from all the various positives each manufacturer brings to the table.

There are a whole host of beauty myths out there that have been holding us back for far too long now. Because of this, these myths are well overdue a dispelling. So, dispel them!


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