Want To Build Your Endurance? Triathlon Training Explained

Want To Build Your Endurance In Just Twelve Weeks? Try-Athlon!


Triathlon Training: What It’s All About

Among all types of fitness, perhaps the most important of them is endurance. It’s the view of many experts that it is the first thing you should work on building early on in a fitness regime. Once you have the appropriate levels of endurance, everything else becomes easier. Why not try triathlon training?

Among all types of fitness, perhaps the most important of them is endurance.Click To Tweet


Triathlon Training is full of tests of endurance. For runners, you have the marathon and various middle- and long-distance races. Many cycling races take on a tour form, most famously the Tour de France (http://www.letour.com/us/), stretching over weeks. If you want to set a long-term fitness goal, there are few better choices than to try to get in shape for events like this. But for many, the ultimate test is a triathlon.

triathlon training

You see, nobody in their right mind is going to doubt the commitment of a marathon runner or a distance cyclist. But a triathlete at least has the high ground from which to look down smugly at both. Not only do they run and cycle over miles, but they also throw a swim in as well for good measure.

Advice From The Triathletes

Sound like a fine idea to you? It really is worthwhile – but there is some advice that experienced triathletes would like to hand down. Let’s hear from three of them because that seems appropriate!


triathlon training


Randy, 21 (Five years’ amateur experience):


“My key piece of advice is to allow yourself twelve weeks’ full triathlon training before attempting a triathlon. This applies whether you’re someone at peak fitness or you’re a couch potato. Training for a triathlon is all about building bit by bit.


At the start, you only need to train for half an hour a day, five days a week. Focus that time mostly on running, but take one of those days specifically to cycle – and make that the longest of the workouts. By the end, you should still be doing no more than four hours a week combined.”


Estelle, 42 (Eighteen months’ amateur experience):


“One piece of advice from me – make sure you have the right gear. You don’t need flashy, expensive running shoes, but they do need to provide whole foot support. Buy a proper cycling jersey: you can find it at Retro2Ride.com/womens-cycling or similar places.


That will stop you getting dehydrated as quickly. And if you have long hair, as I do, a swimming cap is essential. Not only can your hair slow you down in the water – it’s also distracting when you’re on the bike and have water running down your face!”


Ralph, 63 (Beginner):


“If you think you’re too old to take up the triathlon, you’re wrong. If you’ve kept in decent shape, then the triathlon training is not too taxing, and you’ll find your stamina shooting up. I’ve only been competing on a relatively informal basis for about five months.


Even when I’m not in training, I now walk to the store rather than drive, and I’m not even winded by the time I get home anymore. So my one tip would be a positive attitude. If you think you can do it, you can!”


Build endurance in 12 weeks. Tips to start Triathlon Training for fitness

If you’re looking to up your endurance why not give triathlon training a try! Are you a triathlete? We would love to hear about it.


  1. I have loads of endurance. But I would NEVER do a triathalon or any of those types of races. I am just not the competitive type – at all… So no need! I do work out every day though!

  2. I have lots of endurance, but I could never do a triathlon. I think this is because it’s also a mental thing, and I am the least competitive person on the face of the planet! ha!

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