Career Ideas Perfect For Anyone With A Passion For Healthcare


Exciting Healthcare Ideas

Have you always had a passion for health? Could your love of healthcare have the potential to become a career? The fact is that if health is your passion then perhaps it should be a career path that you look to go down.

The health industry has a lot to offer anyone with a love of the subject; it is a career path that is interesting and wonderfully unique. For anyone that enjoys taking on new challenges every day, a career in the health profession could be ideal.

Interested in working in the medical industry but don’t want to pursue medical school and become a doctor? Then perhaps one of the career ideas below could be a good fit for you. When it comes to finding a career path that works for you, passion is the key – if you are passionate about your career, you will do well in the sector that you choose.

Bearing that in mind, below are some career ideas perfect for anyone with a passion for health who is not keen to go to medical school. To find the ideal health based career for you, read on. There are so many different options, so whatever you choose to do, there is sure to be a career path that is a good fit for your passions, as well as one that will make you happy and aid your mental health – happiness and mental health go hand in hand, you see.


Are you passionate about food? Do you love learning about nutrition? Are you a keen foodie? If the answer is yes, then working as a dietician could be your calling. What could be better than helping others to get their eating habits on track? Admittedly, to become a dietician or nutritionist, you will need a Bachelor’s degree that has been accredited by the board of dietitians within your country or state.

However, a degree of this type usually only takes three years to ascertain, as a pose to spending over five years at medical school. As a dietician you can work as part of a large organization, such as a medical practice or you can choose to start up on your own. If you are keen to work in medicine but in a self-employed position, working in nutrition could be the ideal move for you.

Medical & Health Service Manager

A medical and health service manager is responsible for the day to day running of a hospital, medical practice or other health organization, part of this is dealing with the financial and strategic running of things. In this role, you would need to be willing to liaise with all types of different staff, from doctors and nurses to receptionists, as well as other partner organizations.



You would be responsible for taking into account local policy and the personal circumstances of the organization that you work for. Of course, to become a medical and health service manager you would need to undertake a specialist degree. However, the good news is that you could opt to complete it online, for instance, there is the option of doing a healthcare administration degree online. So even if you are not able to attend university and learn on campus, you are still able to make your dreams a reality.


Paramedics are medical specialists who are trained to quickly respond to serious medical problems, traumatic incidents, and accidents. The training and educational requirements for paramedics vary from place to place, but for the most part, there is some training required, which usually lasts between a year and three years depending on where and how you choose to train.

For anyone who enjoys doing something different each day, this is the ideal job as two days are never the same.

Dental Hygienist

Do you have a keen interest in teeth and dental health but don’t want to be a dentist? Then how about working as a dental hygienist? The money is good, the work is interesting, and it’s a job that there will always be a call for. Hygienists clean soft and hard deposits from teeth, working alongside dentists to educate people on dental hygiene. There is also the option of opening your own practice, which for anyone with an entrepreneurial side could make this career path ideal.


Are you a people person? Does psychology interest you? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then working as a therapist could be a good option for you. There are many roles that therapists can take, from crisis counseling which helps people to deal with serious mental health issues to doing patient assessments, therapists can take on all sorts of roles within the health sector.

So wherever your passions lay, working as a therapist could be the ideal career move for you. This is another role that offers entrepreneurial possibilities because as well as working as part of a medical practice, you would also have the option of starting and running your own practice.

Medical writer

If you are passionate about medicine and health but are not keen to work in medicine itself, perhaps you could consider working as a medical writer. The fact is that medical writing is a great way to work in the healthcare industry without actually being in medicine. There is always a need for skilled and professional writers in medicine for creating reports, articles, and press releases. The health sector is vast and varied, which is why there are many opportunities for medical writers.

The fact is that our careers have an impact on our health. There is no getting away from that fact, especially on our mental health. If you are keen to lead a happy and (mentally) healthy life, then working in a sector that you are passionate about and doesn’t make you hate Monday mornings, is vital. By choosing a career that you love, your life will be better for it, that’s a fact. So if health is your passion, no matter what find a way to pursue it.

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