Is Your Child Overweight? Here’s How To Help



The Facts About Childhood Obesity

Generally, we don’t think about weight loss for children. How many times have you heard they will grow into it? Or it’s just baby fat. The truth is Childhood Obesity is a real epidemic in this country. It has tripled since 1963 and approximately 23 million children are overweight.

  • Half of children with Juvenile Diabetes are Obese
  • Healthcare costs for overweight children top 150 billion a year
  • 70% of Obese children are at risk for Heart Disease



So how do you know your child is Obese? Usually, you can tell. A few pounds here and there , they probably will grow out of but the studies show overweight children turn into overweight adults. Here is a weight and BMI chart for children weight chart

Overweight Children: The Causes

So how does this happen? There are a few factors. Children spend too much time on their Computers, TVs, Video Games. Lack of activity is maybe the number one cause of Obesity in children. Portion control is another factor. Kids don’t have impulse control nor do they understand consequences the way we do as adults.

Emotional Eating is a very real factor with children. I went through this with my youngest son after my divorce. He went from a skinny kid to 300 pounds by the time he was twelve. He was eating his feelings and I felt so helpless. It was then I did the research and realized an effective plan for families.

Talking To Your Child

A discussion is imperative. You have, to be honest with your child but sensitive. Telling them they are fat and need to lose weight will never work. You need to tell them of your concerns for their health and be honest about what could happen.



Have A Family Meeting

The mistake I see many families make is they treat this as the child’s problem. It isn’t, it’s a family problem and must be addressed to the whole family. You have to fix the problem together and not singular. Which means everyone has to get onboard with the necessary lifestyle changes.



Your chance of success is higher if your child doesn’t feel alone. So have a family meeting and discuss the healthy lifestyle changes that everyone will be making. Remember that as the parent you have the control.

Set Boundaries

Just like you make them do their homework at certain times you must set rules for eating and activities.

  • Set Time limits on Gaming, TV etc
  • Enforce portion control and snack limits (lock it up if you have to)
  • Be informed about their progress with eating and exercise




Exercise Together

Plan daily and weekly activities that you do together. Exercise is more effective with kids if it is fun and your options are limitless.

  • Biking
  • Skating
  • Sports
  • Swimming

A Daily Walk After Dinner Is A Great Way To Bond And Be Active


Cook Together

You want them to be accountable for their weight loss so let them be involved in the process. You can plan the meals together, shop together and cook together.



I hope these tips will help you get your child’s weight under control. It is about their health and preventing more serious conditions. Approaching it together will help the whole family!



  1. This really is such a big issue nowadays. I think people blame it on genetics as a way to ignore the fact that you can make changes. A child is going to pick up habits from their parents about eating, exercising, staying active. I think it starts at home with the parents.

  2. Although I don’t have children. I find it sad the amount of children that are overweight. I could have never imagine actually having that conversation with a child. Thank for making it simple and taking the focus off of the problem.

  3. Sadly this is the new norm in this country. It’s all the processed foods and so much sugar. I hope I can teach my child the proper way to eat so he doesn’t have to learn in later in life like I did.

    1. I think exposing them to less is extremely helpful. it was very different when my kids were small. There wasn’t so much information, so we didn’t know the healthy options

  4. I think keeping boundaries when it comes to eating and keeping them active at all times, is very important. Also, no tv or games more then an hour. I’m so afraid for my kids although they are very healthy right now and we watch what we eat.

  5. Great post! So many children just sit around all day long and sadly need to go out and move and eat well. This is a tough topic to deal with first hand! I had mine in a program when he was little and it was tough!

  6. It is really important to make it a family issue to work on together. If my kids didn’t constantly play sports, I think 1 of them mighy be overweight. He’s a very picky eater and mainly prefers starchy and fried foods. It’s a daily struggle to get him to eat anything healthy without somehow tricking him.
    Portion control is a factor in still struggle with at times. Growing up, my mom would put so much food on our plates and we were expected to eat it all.

  7. I def was an overweight child and my parents helped me to live healthier. My mother would take the extra step of preparing healthier meals and playing with me in games that were more active. I think this is a great article for parents who don’t know how to help their children or even worst, shame them for being overweight

  8. Overweight issue on kids is something that parents would overlook, like my sister. She would not mind because her son has not reach teeange year. She is happy too see her son watching TV and playing games. Everyone have different choices in this matter.

  9. This is such an important post! I think parents need to be as educated as possible about childhood obesity because, as you said, children don’t have a sense of portion control like adults do.

  10. overweight issues are one alot of people have to be on look out on, this post says alot in big details and should be shared and spread far for people suffering from this to learn..

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