How To Choose The Right Workout Gear (why it matters)

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How To Choose Workout Gear

Workout Gear sounds complicated, right? It isn’t, it’s what you are wearing when you workout or go the gym, from clothes to shoes to support wear. I know many people who think it isn’t important, I have a friend who wears pajamas to workout on the treadmill (totally crazy). I am going to break it all down for you. What you should be wearing and why it matters.


The Workout Gear You Need


Sports Shoes, Kicks, Sneakers

One of the top complaints I hear from trainers is that their clients wear the wrong shoes or old shoes. There are different sneakers for every sport and workout. Why? because your needs are different for each workout. They are made for the specific support for the activity.

For example, Runners land more on the front of their foot while walking requires more heel support. Cross-trainers let you do a variety of exercise but aren’t recommended for running.

Workout shoes should be used only for your workout.


workout gear


Running Shoes

Should have a firm heel and good arch support.

Weight-Lifting Shoes

Typically have a raised heel that helps you stay stationary.

Basketball Shoes

Ankle support is a must and good traction because that allows for short, fast movement



Support For Women (sports bras)

Having a good sports bra is so necessary and it’s not a one size fits all situation. They should have a snug band and straps. You should not be able to pull it more than an inch from your body.



Why do you need it? Breasts are supported by fat tissue and ligaments that aren’t overly strong. Intense activity or bounce cause the ligaments to stretch and when that happens they will stay that way causing the dreaded sag.


Support For Men


Well, there is some debate on this. Of course, men want to protect the family jewels but most aren’t wearing cup support to the gym. The general consensus is they are mainly necessary to sports like Football and Baseball. If you aren’t going that route I suggest boxer briefs.




Workout Wear


We couldn’t round off our Workout Gear topic without touching on the clothes. We have all seen the cutie patooties at the gym in their super cute coordinated outfits. We judge them and say I’m not gonna spend all that money to just sweat and stink it up.

I hear ya, I thought the same thing for awhile and donned my sweats and oldest, biggest t-shirt I could find. There actually may be some very good reasons for what you are seeing at the treadmill next to you! Workout clothes that are too heavy just raise your body temperature and you want it to stay as cool as possible.

You should be wearing lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton, lycra. The other thing is you want your workout clothes to not get in your way hence, those teeny running shorts. You need freedom of movement!

There are those swearing by Compression Workout Gear. Heck swimmers swear by them.  The purpose of this fabric technology is to aid your muscles in quicker recovery. Eh, I didn’t have that experience but I have been wrong at least once.

In conclusion, having the right workout gear can help prevent injury and make working out more comfortable! What are you wearing to your workout?





  1. My boyfriend called me crazy because I bought a pair of shoes just to workout in. I tried to explain to him that wearing them for other things will wear them out faster. I’m not going to lie, I probably spend too much money on cute workout clothes! Question for you: Do you prefer shorts to pants when working out?

  2. I’m gonna go ahead and argue with you: I’m a pretty big fan of compression shorts for working out. Not so much because of the supposed recovery benefits, but just because they fit properly and don’t move around a lot. Especially when I’m doing yoga, I don’t want a whole bunch of fabric riding up or moving or shifting my balance like even a little bit (because my balance is truly that terrible), so I go with those.

  3. I think that proper workout clothes are a must!!! You must have good support for your feet. Your feet are your base and without proper support you can mess up your ankles, knees, hips and back. Bagging clothes might be comfortable but they sure do get in the way. I am a firm believer that if you look good you feel good. So why not spend some money on clothes to give you a self-confidence boost when you work out?

  4. I only recently discovered the importance of dressing like a cutie ba-tootey. I am currently on a fierce cardio schedule. Oddly, the prettier I feel the harder I’m willing to work. Also good expensive clothing offer better support.

  5. Ohh. I also thought, why should I spend so much money on workout gear.. but then… but THEN I bought some.. haha
    And I was amazed. They are not just comfortable.. I really have a feeling that my body is supported so I can do much more.. And the best thing is that nor while you work out, nor after the workout, I don’t feel some kind of pain or fatique.
    I don’t know if cheap compression wear is as good as more expensive one, but I don’t care as much anymore.. If you want to work out, play some kind of sports or do other activities, compression wear is worth the money.
    As I was new in this, I didn’t knew much, but then I started to read different blogs and found ezcompression. So my first workout clothes I bought with a help from them 😀
    But yeah, workout gear that is designed for physical activities is the best!!

    1. I am sure that quality wear is better and do we know if that relates to price well thats another topic lol thanks for reading

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