Health Secrets Revealed: Coconut Oil Pulling

health secrets

Health Secrets Revealed

Ever wonder how our Ancestors cared for themselves hundreds of years ago without the Modern Medicine we have now? Well, let’s just say I wonder about everything.  Usually, I just have to know but in my studies, into Ayurvedic Health I stumbled upon Oil Pulling.

health secrets

Oil Pulling is an Ayurvedic Health Secret that has been around for a really long time and just recently risen in popularity. Ayurvedic Medicine stands by the theory that the tongue is connected to a majority of our organs such as:

  • Kidneys
  • Liver
  • Lungs
  • Heart
  • Stomach
  • Intestines
  • Colon
  • Spine

The Benefits Of Coconut Oil Pulling


This natural health secret has generally been used for Oral Detox as it is believed to suck the toxins out of your mouth, which we know is where a lot of Bacteria lives. We use Mouthwashes today but they are loaded with chemicals, so why not try something that isn’t and works.

There are many benefits to not just Oral Health but the rest of your body as well and has been a well kept health secret for years.

  • Tooth Decay
  • Kills Bad Breath
  • Prevents Heart Disease
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Whitens Teeth
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Improves Skin
  • Strengthens Gums

Why Coconut Oil?

health secrets

You can use other oils for this procedure but they taste disgusting. Coconut Oil has so many benefits its pretty much a no-brainer and the taste is really light and pleasant.

Coconut Oil Benefits

  • Balances Hormones
  • Improves Digestion
  • Decreases Wrinkles

How Coconut Oil Pulling Works


You have to do it first thing in the morning before you eat or drink . You swish a tablespoon of Coconut Oil all over your mouth and teeth for twenty minutes. Spit it out in the trash and clean your teeth as you normally would.

I tried it

I decided to try it for a week to see if this Health Secret was worth all the hype. It really did work. I already have pretty white teeth but it definitely improved the feel of my mouth and tongue. I have also seen improvement in digestion and it is amazing if you have Allergies like I do.

I will say a tablespoon is difficult because when mixed with your Saliva, it grows in your mouth. Try a teaspoon at first. It also does hurt your jaw at first.

In conclusion, discover this Ayurvedic Health Secret for yourself. There are many health benefits with no side effects as it is completely natural. Give it a shot for a week and see how you feel.





  1. I have heard about this, mainly from Instagrammers who have been promoting it on their pages.
    I was quite interested until I heard about potential sensitivity!

    Thanks for posting

  2. I LOVE coconut oil and all its uses. I started consuming it, using it as a moisturizer, etc. I no longer need thyroid meds, who knows if coconut is the reason but it’s the only change in my life so I’m giving it credit lol!

  3. I’ve never thought coconut oil pulling has so many benefits, especially that it boosts immune system and prevents heart disease! What a great remedy!

  4. I love coconut oil pulling! Especially since I got my wisdom teeth removed, it’s so easy to clean my mouth with it and remove all the food particles left in the holes. And it doesn’t burn as much as the regular mouth wash products.

  5. I love using coconut oil. My Mom told me that washing your hair with coconut juice during young years, will prevent you from early signs of aging, like white hairs.

  6. wow there are alot of natures secrets every where, and just one thing you think s useless is what turns out to be the most useful, i really love this tips, and would love to try it out , thanks for sharing i deeply appreciate.

  7. There is a lot about coconut oil on the internet today. It seems to have very many good, healthy qualities. This is the first I have heard about coconut pulling. Interesting!

  8. Where i come from , when i was young we throw coconut water or pulling away, cause we have the belief it makes the brain doll (can you believe that) and over the years i Discovered its one of the best natural substance for teeth Whiting and to clear rinkcles.

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