Common Causes Of Brain Fog And How To Fix It

brain fog

How Brain Fog And Chronic Fatigue Bring Us Down


In life, there are always going to be things within us that are trying to bring us down. Unfortunately, that’s just the way life works. There are always going to be injuries, illnesses, and feelings that are trying their hardest to get to us. There are always going to be things trying to stop us doing things throughout the day.


Even though they can’t be seen they are there, that much is for certain. But just because they’re there it doesn’t mean they can’t be fought. Why let anything bring you down in your day when you don’t have to allow it? Below are a few ways you can combat the inner plights of everyday life.

What’s Causing The Brain Fog?

If you find it a massive struggle to haul yourself out of bed every morning, then you need not settle for it any longer. If you’re just too tired to function in the morning, no matter how much sleep you get, then you can fight this plight. First of all, you need to address it as a very real situation. It is chronic fatigue, and it is real. But it’s not just about you addressing it yourself, you need to have it professionally addressed too.

brain fog

One way to do this is to take an OAT test. As documented on, the results taken from an OAT test will be able to address chronic fatigue. And once it is looked at in this manner you open the door for yourself to have it tended to professionally. But if visiting doctors, and the like, isn’t something you want to do then you can trick yourself into being a morning person.


Change Your Daily Routine

You could implement a routine into your morning. You could eat smart by refraining from having too much before bed. You could get straight into an exercising regime as soon as you wake. There are a number of ways to beat fatigue in the morning, you just need to be open to admitting it is a problem.


Yoga Opens Your Mind, Body, And Spirit


Address Mental Health Issues

And another inner plight that you must address as bein real, if you suffer with it, is mental illness. No matter what you may think or even be told mental illness is real and mental health needs to be tended to. First of all you need to recognise the signs of mental health issues, such as depression. If you constantly feel in a low or sad mood, this could be a sign that you are in the midst of depression.

If you feel that you have become more and more tearful as of late, this could be a sign that depression is taking a hold. If you just generally feel that you are not enjoying life, then this is depression and this needs to be rectified. You should never feel ashamed to talk about the things in your brain that are making you feel blue. When you do open up about them you are taking the first steps in beating them. Only by admitting your feelings are real will you then be able to banish this very real everyday blue.

Common Causes Of Brain Fog And How To Fix It
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So, if you feel brain fog within that is making every day a struggle, admit it’s there. If you feel mentally or physically worn out at too many points in the day, take action against them. Or if you feel as if there is just something wrong with you, do all you can to make it yourself feel right again.

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