Common Everyday Pains And What Causes Them

What Causes Those Aches And Pains

We all have had a back ache or a pain in our neck. These are common pains many of us encounter every day. Knowing what causes them can go a long to way toward treating it.If you want the lowdown of all those aches and pains – here is a list of the most common issues


Neck pain or a stiff neck is a common problem and generally nothing to worry about. The pain and stiffness will usually get better after a few days or weeks and is rarely a sign of a more serious problem. You can get a painful or stiff neck if you sleep in an awkward position, use a computer for a prolonged period of time, or strain a muscle because of having bad posture, so you can easily prevent doing these things for too long. Anxiety and stress can also sometimes cause tension in your neck muscles, which will then lead to having pain in your neck.


Shoulder pain can be a result of injury or disease of the shoulder joint. Injury can affect any of the ligaments, bursae, or tendons than go around the shoulder joint. Injury can also affect the cartilage, menisci, and bones of the joint. The design of the shoulder joint is made to be more mobile than it is stable. Because it is such a mobile joint, it plays a central role in all of the major activities which of course, leaves it at risk for more injury



Headaches can be more complicated than most people realize because there are 150 different kinds! They all have their own set of symptoms and happen for unique reasons Р which means different kinds of treatment. But once you know the type of head -ache you have, you and your doctor can find Some form of treatment.

The two most common are tension (or stress) headaches. They occur mostly among adults and teens. They cause mild to moderate pain and come and go over time. And migraines. These are often described as pounding, throbbing pain. They can last from 4 hours to 3 days and usually happen one to four times per month. Along with the pain, people may be sensitive to light, noise, or smells causing nausea or vomiting, loss of appetite and upset stomach or belly pain. Some people become very pale and has blurred vision to the extent of seeing double.


An earache is a sharp, dull, or burning pain in one or both ears. The pain will probably only last a short while, but it can be ongoing. Many children will have minor- hearing loss during or right after an ear infection, this is completely normal and will go away. Lasting, hearing loss is rare, but the risk increases with the number of infections.


Earaches happen when the eustachian tube runs from the middle part of each ear to the back of the throat. (This tube drains fluid that is made in the middle ear.) If the eustachian tube becomes blocked, fluid can build up which may then lead to pressure behind the eardrum or an ear infection.


A back muscle strain or ligament strain is one of the most common causes of lower back pain. Lifting a heavy object, twisting, or even a sudden movement can cause muscles or ligaments to stretch or develop microscopic tears. With a lower back strain, the severity of the pain can go from mild discomfort to severe, disabling pain, depending on the extent of strain and the lower back muscle spasms that result from the injury. You will need the right bed to lie in otherwise this could damage things even further. Sites like have a great variety to choose from.


A stomach ache is a term mostly used to explain cramps or a dull ache in the belly area. It is usually short-lived and not serious at all. Severe abdominal pain is a bigger cause for concern, though. If it starts suddenly and unexpectedly, it should be classed as a medical emergency, especially if the pain is concentrated in a particular area. Either call your doctor as soon as possible or go straight to your nearest hospital’s accident and emergency (A&E) department, if this is the case.



A toothache is a pain in or around a tooth that may be caused by tooth decay, abscessed tooth, tooth fracture, a damaged filling, infected gums and repetitive motions (like chewing gum or grinding teeth.) If the pain lasts longer than a day or two, is extremely painful or you have a fever, earache, or pain upon opening your mouth wide – you should see your dentist as soon as possible so they can find the cause of the problem and treat it as quick as they can.


Sore throats are extremely common and usually nothing to worry about, they normally go within a week. Sometimes the cause of a sore throat isn’t always obvious. But in most cases, it’s a symptom of a viral or bacterial infection from a cold or flu, which can easily be treated at home.

Painkillers can be taken to ease the pain, and there are also products such as medicated lozenges and sprays sold in pharmacies that you may want to try. – There is no scientific evidence to prove that they actually work, but some people find them worth using.


Minor arm problems like having sore muscles are common. Symptoms normally come from everyday wear and tear or overuse. They may be minor or serious and may include symptoms such as pain, numbness, weakness, swelling, tingling, cramps or changes in temperature or color

. Your pain may be from doing sports or hobbies, work-related tasks, and projects around the home. And of course, any sort of injury you do. (Which you should go and see your doctor about.)

Older adults have a higher chance of having arm problems because they lose muscle mass as they age. Children may have arm issues because they are usually a lot more active than adults, so their bones and muscles are growing more quickly.

Knowing what is causing your aches and pains can go a long way in treating and preventing them.

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