Common Workout Injuries And How To Prevent Them

workout injuries

Workout Injuries

One of the things about starting a workout that can cause problems is Workout Injuries. It is very common and easily prevented. Approaching a workout, we think we can just go for it but it isn’t that simple  at all. Most Workout Injuries are caused by overdoing it, improper alignment and just plain doing it wrong.

Working out at home is great, I do it myself but what I learned is you should always at least take a class or a few sessions with a trainer. I know maybe your thinking you can’t afford that, truth is , many gyms offer classes and lessons for free to get you in the door.

Some Workout Injuries can’t be prevented so you have to know your limitations. Certain workouts can aggravate a pre-existing condition and even cause them. I loved running once upon a time, but I developed an issue with my heel and I had to stop.

If an injury does occur I don’t recommend pushing through. It will make it worse and you should always consult a doctor immediately.

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 Common Workout Injuries


Foot And Ankle Injuries

When you spend a lot of time hunched over a desk or computer, your weight pushes to the front of your foot. This affects the center of gravity. So when you exercise, the feet and ankles bear the strain. Make sure you get up and walk around often to give your feet and ankles a break.

Knee Injuries

Experts say we don’t use our Hip Muscles enough. So without good shoes and weak hip muscles, our knees take the abuse. Always warm with knee rolls before working out. Lunges are also a low impact warm up that help keep the impact off of our knees.

workout injuries

Lower Back

My son tells me since he works in a Hospital, that back injuries are the most common complaint coming from the Emergency Room. This is a Workout Injury that can be directly blamed on Poor Posture. I always do back stretching moves ever morning and night.


Did you know that when you type, your shoulders rotate in? So when you exercise later they are still in this position and can cause Tendonitis, which can lead to Carpal Tunnel issues later on. You can alleviate this with shoulder rolls.


Arching your neck too much causes pain. Always make sure your back and neck are supported. When working out a Stability Ball can really help with this.


Tips From A Pro

Debbie Gilbey is an Award Winning Body Builder and Fitness pro who is also a Personal Trainer who I met through blogging so I asked her to give us a few tips. You can find here at Debbie Gilbey Fitness


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To avoid Workout Injuries before to consult a professional when starting a new program. Start slow and gradually add difficulty to your workout. Invest in good workout gear.



    1. I learned the hard way, threw my back out then I took classes, it taught me to at least consult a trainer, luckily I had a friend in the business.

  1. Hi Heidi,

    Thank you so much for sharing useful information with us!!

    I agree that workout injuries are very common. Improper alignment is the main cause of injury. Workout gear plays an important role thus we need to make sure that we have suitable gear before starting workout.

    With little precaution we can avoid injuries and pursue workout at home.

    Warm Regards

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