Trying To Conceive? Don’t Miss This Useful Fertility Advice


Trying To Conceive? Don't Miss This Useful AdviceTop Fertility Tips When Trying To Conceive


Whether you’re trying for a new brother or sister for your only child, or you’re just reaching the stage where you’d want to start a family, trying to conceive can be a tricky time. When you’ve finally made the decision that you’re ready for a baby, patience is the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, making a baby isn’t quite as easy as that. Sometimes it can take months or even years of trying, and some people are fortunate, and it happens right away. If you’re trying to conceive, here are a few pieces of useful advice.



As soon as you make the decision to have a baby, start taking your folic acid supplements. This will mean that your baby’s brain function will develop healthily once you do conceive, so there’s no time like the present.


Don’t obsess

As they say, patience is a virtue, but when you want something patience can also be elusive. Don’t let trying to conceive take over your life. Carry on going out, seeing friends, and enjoying time with your husband. It will happen in its own time, and obsessing isn’t going to help.

Trying To Conceive? Don't Miss This Useful Advice

Don’t forget to enjoy it

The process of trying to conceive should be fun. It’s a time for you and your partner to get closer and enjoy each other’s company, as well as look forward to the future. Don’t wish the time away before you conceive; it’s an integral part of the process, so make the most of it.


You’re in this together

While you should probably avoid letting your attempts to conceive get in the way of your relationship with your partner, they need to pull their weight too. While you’re getting your body ready to gestate a whole new human life, the least he can do is try to make his sperm healthy. Quitting smoking, eating well, keeping fit, and cutting down on alcohol will help.


Go easy on yourself

It isn’t easy, and for many people, it isn’t a fast process. Impatience can quickly turn into self-blame, so it’s important to go easy on yourself. If it just isn’t happening for you, it isn’t your fault; there’s nothing wrong with you, just give it time. Beating yourself up and getting stressed isn’t conducive to fertility, and it certainly isn’t going to help you get in the mood for trying. Take a break from it occasionally, and focus on each other and other aspects of your life, in order to stay grounded and avoid obsessing.

Trying To Conceive? Don't Miss This Useful Advice

It might not be straightforward

Remember that some people struggle a lot more than others. If it just isn’t happening for you, it could be worth consulting a fertility specialist, and perhaps ultimately considering IVF treatment. There is so much help and support for couples trying to conceive, so don’t struggle through it alone – it can be a really difficult time, but there is help out there.


Trying to conceive should be a whole lot of fun, but it can be emotional, stressful, and exhausting. Go easy on yourself and your partner; you need each other most now.

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