Is A Lack Of Body Confidence Holding You Back?

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How To Conquer Body Confidence Issues

A global study conducted by skincare brand, Dove, has revealed that up to 90 percent of women cancel or postpone plans because they are worried about their appearance. Nine out of ten women also admitted to putting their health at risk to try and look good. Body confidence issues plague too many of us.

If you suffer from a lack of body confidence, you’re certainly not alone. It’s very common to have a negative perception of how you look and for this to affect your self-esteem. If you’re worried that a lack of body confidence could be holding you back, here are some tips to help you build confidence and feel more content in your own skin.

Identifying issues

If you’re self-conscious when it comes to meeting people or you’re terrified when you get notifications from social media saying that you’ve been tagged in photos, think about what kinds of issues get you down. Are you worried about your weight? Do you hate your nose? Or have you noticed that you’ve started to look older of late?

Sometimes, there are specific features or problems that weigh you down while in others cases, people are generally unhappy with the way they look. If there is a specific issue, have a think about potential solutions. It could be that you want to start a healthy eating and exercise program to drop a few pounds and tone up or you may be thinking about options like facial aesthetic treatment or blepharoplasty surgery if you’re keen to keep hold of your youthful looks for longer.

If you can’t pinpoint a single cause of low self-esteem, it may be harder to find answers, but it is possible to improve your confidence, so don’t give up.


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Letting go of perfect

It’s difficult to tell people that they should be happy with their lot if they’re intent on comparing themselves to images of people who represent a perfect model in the media. When you’re having one of those days, the last thing you need to is for a load of swimwear models or stunning celebrities to pop up on your Instagram feed.

The truth is that perfect doesn’t exist, and even those people who are deemed perfect are likely to have insecurities. It’s human nature to make comparisons, but you’re not going to gain anything from spending all your time looking at images of people who make you question your own appearance or worth. Let go of trying to be flawless, and accept that to some people, you may already be perfect.

We all have our own perception of beauty, so try and embrace what you’ve got and take a break from social media if it’s getting you down. It is possible to make changes, like shaping up or getting a new hairstyle, but there are some things you can’t alter. If you’re petite, you’re never going to be a 6ft supermodel, so don’t punish yourself.

Learning to take compliments

Many of us feel uncomfortable when our friends or strangers compliment us but learn to take positive feedback on board. Even a passing comment can make all the difference to your confidence.

Is A Lack Of Body Confidence Holding You Back?


Do you struggle with body confidence? If so, it’s time to start taking steps to boost your self-esteem. Remember that perfect doesn’t exist, try not to compare yourself to others and learn to take compliments.

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