What Are The Fixes For Crooked Teeth? Here Is What Dentists Suggest

dentistThere’s no doubt that a crooked tooth or two can add charm and character to a face. But if you’ve always dreamed of having straight white gnashers– that probably comes as no comfort. But no need to fret, regardless of how crooked your teeth are or what dental issues you’re experiencing dentists can work miracles. Improving your smile can boost your confidence no end. Here are a few ways your dentist can work their magic to give you straight teeth.


In some cases, veneers can be a great way to straighten teeth that aren’t extensively crooked. For example, teeth that slightly overlap are a good candidate for this. Dentists will file down a small amount of your natural tooth and then place the thin veneer over the top. This also has the advantage of making the teeth look whiter. The advantage of veneers is that there’s no waiting for your teeth to move or shift into position and they can be finished in just a few visits to the dentist. However, if you have extreme crookedness you will not be a good candidate for veneers, and so other methods will have to be considered.



Dental Implants

While dental implants won’t fix crookedness by themselves, they can help to prevent it. If you have lost a tooth through either dental decay or injury, the rest of your teeth can begin to shift due to the gap. Ask your dentists if they are right for you.

This can result in crooked, and even loose teeth. Having a dental implant fitted in the gap is a good way to preserve the rest of the teeth and stop them from moving.

To be considered for dental implants you will need to be in general good health with enough bone structure to hold the implant in place. Your gums and mouth, in general, will also need to be in good condition and free of disease. If you smoke, you should consider quitting to give yourself the best chance of healing after a dental implant. Smoking can restrict blood flow, and therefore limit healing.


Aligners gradually move your teeth with a series of retainer-like clear trays. These are changed every few weeks and gradually push your teeth into a straight position. Again these aren’t suitable for everyone. If you have a significant amount of crookedness you’ll probably have to go down the traditional braces route.  



Regardless of how crooked your teeth are, the right course of braces is likely to be able to straighten them. You may need to have some work done beforehand. This could include having teeth pulled out to make space in your mouth for the teeth to shift to. For some people, braces are the only option but the result you will get at the end is so worth it. Visit an orthodontist who will be able to talk you through a plan of action for getting straight teeth.



Once you have had your teeth straightened with braces or aligners, a retainer will help to keep them in their new position. Even once they have been straightened, teeth can shift back to their old position and so the right aftercare is essential. Retainers can be in the form of removable trays. Alternatively, you could consider a ‘fixed retainer’ which is a strip of wire glued to the back of the teeth.



  1. Great post. I am all about teeth. Healthy teeth are important and having them look nice is also, because it’s one of the first things you notice when meeting someone. I’ve never had braces, but am doing research for my son who might. I must say though, people who had braces, have some of the most beautiful teeth I’ve seen.

    1. If there is a dental procedure I have had it lol. I can testify personally to the importance of good dental care. Do research, especially into what he will need so you are treated fairly.

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