How To Deal With Your Eczema During The Winter

eczemaEczema Season Is Coming!

Winter is on its way, and while there are many good things to come, your skin may not be too happy – especially if you’re dealing with dry, damaged skin conditions like eczema. I know how this is as I have it myself. While there is no real cure to get rid of eczema, there are plenty of ways you can manage it during the winter to make you feel more comfortable. You should be prepared to have a flare up though, as the drop in temperature will affect your body, but once you get into your new routine, you’ll be able to manage the issue with ease.

Eczema Tips That Work

Try to shave less

One of the most common answers would be to shave less. But we understand that for some of you, that just isn’t an option. It’s important to know about the before and after care of shaving though so you are doing all you can in order to protect your skin. Shaving can be very irritable because you’re essentially dragging a sharp blade across your skin, slicing the hairs.


But in doing this, it also removes the top layer of your skin, and that can make it rather unhappy. It’s important to exfoliate a few hours before you plan on shaving in order to remove any dead skin cells which can clog up the razor. You should also do a bit of research on how to get rid of razor bumps at home. It’s actually a lot more simple than you may have thought, so read up and make an effort to do things properly.

Lather yourself up with moisturizer

This doesn’t mean just anything though. If you suffer from eczema in particular, sometimes general moisturizes that you buy from the supermarket will actually make your skin act out even more because of certain ingredients included. That’s why it’s so important to see a Doctor so that they can look at you and then determine the best kind of treatment for you. It may be that you need a medical ointment rather than just a lotion in order to not only moisturize, but treat the area too. Having said that, the natural source of shea butter has been said to work wonders.


Take extra care of your hands

Even if you have never experienced eczema on your hands before, that doesn’t mean that it won’t start now – especially because it’s getting closer to winter. Your hands are prone to getting extreme dryness because they are always exposed to everything. Unlike our bodies that are usually wrapped up in clothes, your hands are out being tactile. So it’s a very good idea to lather them up in a good cream to work as a preventative just in case.

Keep a little tub with you in your bag so that whenever you feel like your hands are getting dry, you can deal with the issue then and there. It’s also wise to wear gloves when you’re not in action, so they are kept warm and protected from the different weather conditions.

You can’t cure eczema but there are ways to manage it and I hope these tips help.

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