Doctors Reveal All On How To Stay In Good Health, Well Into Old Age







Doctors Reveal All On How To Stay In Good Health, Well Into Old Age
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How To Stay In Good Health

As we get older, the risk of getting many health conditions increases. Our bodies just aren’t as good at fighting off the illnesses of aging, and we start to succumb to general decline.


Good Health And Aging

People over the age of 55 need to take stock and think about their health and wellbeing. It’s as good an age as any to take a deep breath and do some introspection. Dr. Sandra Fryhofer, a physician from Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, says that people of a certain age need to ask themselves, what do I need to do to stay healthy?



Doctors Reveal All On How To Stay In Good Health, Well Into Old Age

There’s no reason to wait to make a change, says William Zoghbi, a professor at Methodist DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center in Houston. The earlier you start adjusting your lifestyle to accommodate aging, the better.


Here’s what the doctors advised for staying in good health, well into old age.


Quit Smoking


Zoghbi says that the most damaging thing that seniors do to their health is smoke. As a result, he suggests that they butt out. Quitting isn’t easy, he says, but doing so will dramatically reduce a patient’s risk of stroke, kidney failure, and heart disease.


Take The Big Picture Into Consideration


When considering your health, it’s a good idea to take into consideration the big picture, says Elizabeth Jackson, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan. Getting rid of that spare tire around your middle can not only help you get fit, she says, but also reduce the risk of heart disease over the long term. There’s no cure for getting old, she quite annoyingly points out, but there is stuff that you can do to reduce your chances of getting diabetes or having a stroke.


She points to a number of things, including eating a diet with fruits and vegetables, taking regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight. She also points out that having regular company and companionship is essential for keeping things like blood pressure in check, which might explain the growth of senior in home care. All of the above, she says, helps to keep our blood vessels young and our hearts healthy.


Start Building Muscle


Building muscle might sound like something that the younger generation do, but it’s actually something that benefits them the least. After turning 40, most people lose around 1 percent of their muscle mass per year, thanks to the effects of aging. Having a weekly muscle-building plan can help stop this process entirely, sending signals to your body to be younger and healthier.



Heather Mangieri, a nutritionist at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, also says that it’s a good idea to start doing things like Pilates and Yoga since flexibility also declines after a certain age.


Eat More Fiber

after the age of 40, our metabolism starts to slow down.Click To Tweet


Mangieri says that after the age of 40, our metabolism starts to slow down. That means, she says, we can no longer gorge ourselves on food and not expect to gain weight. She recommends, therefore, that people fill up on fiber, because of its ability to satisfy hunger and prevent snacking during the middle of the day.

I hope you enjoyed the helpful advice in this post and remember good health doesn’t have an age limit.

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