Don’t Let A Bad Job Destroy Your Health


Your Job And Your Health

Here’s a nasty statistic to start your day with. We’ll spend about a third of our life at our job, in the office. If you take sleep into account that means, we’ll spend more times with clients and colleagues than our family. Frightening, right? Not as frightening as the fact that a massive amount of workers aren’t happy in their career.

Unhappy workers outnumber happy go lucky employees by two to one, according to Forbes. You might say, well why don’t those people just get with the program, or switch jobs? Well let’s be fair, finding a new job isn’t exactly a piece of cake. As well as this, there are issues that you’ll find in almost every office.
In fact, there’s quite a lot of evidence to suggest that going to your job has an overwhelmingly negative impact on your health. What type of issues am I talking about?



Stress shaves years of your life, and there’s nothing more stressful than work. Except maybe traffic, I hate traffic. But even that is part of the working day because you have to fight through the morning rush to get there in the first place.

Then you spend an hour trying to get back home as people continuously cut you off. You see? Even thinking about it is causing you stress and we haven’t even got in the office yet.


Your boss is already talking about a deadline that you’ve only just received. Clients are on the phone complaining about things that were nothing to do with you. All the while, you’re sat wondering how your kid’s test is going to school today.

Yes, you can’t just ignore the fact you also have to deal with personal issues while you’re at a job. When you take into account how stressful the average working day is, it makes sense employees are unhappy. Employers can solve this issue by putting something like Critical incident stress management in place. Of course, this isn’t the only health issue in the office.
Physical Danger



Are you in physical danger when you head into the office on Monday morning? You might be, and this largely depends on how much your employer cares about you.


If they are not too bothered about your personal safety, there’s a strong possibility; there is at least one hazard in your office.




That hazard could cause a nasty accident and leave you as the victim. It could be something small like a loose wire on the floor that you trip over on the way to the bathroom. Whose responsibility was it to make sure that wire was tired or secured? It was your employer’s, and if they didn’t do it, they’ve left your health in danger. Wouldn’t it be great if we could leave it there? Unfortunately, I can’t because there are even more issues with the average workplace.



Oh yes my friends, bullying exists in the office. It doesn’t just magically disappear after school or even university. Let’s face it; hazing is a form of bullying under another name. Take a look around your office right now. I guarantee there is at least one worker who feels victimized by another’s actions.

It might even be you. Do you ever feel like people are laughing at you rather than with you? You should never have to feel that way when you’re getting paid to do a darn good job! Again, it’s up the employer to make sure that there isn’t any issue like this in their business. If there is, they need to tackle it head on and help the affected employee. Unfortunately, many employers ignore bullying. They don’t want to feel like they’re in charge of a class of school children. In many cases, that’s exactly what an office is.




I saw a twitter post last night. It described the presidential debate as the perfect example of an over- qualified woman forced to be at the same level as an under-qualified man. Not a bad description, you have to admit, and it’s not the only issue women face in the workplace. There are still plenty of cases of harassment and discrimination. Just last year a woman sued for being treated differently in the office because she was married to an African American man. It’s supposed to be 2016, but very little has changed.


If you think these issues don’t have an impact on your health, you’re wrong. They do. Bullying can leave psychological issues that last your entire life. Harassment can cripple your confidence levels. Stress causes a whole host of physical issues as well as mental. So what are the options here? We need to stop denying people are unhappy in their jobs and start working to make offices better for everyone. The brunt of this is always going to fall on the shoulders of the employer.


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